10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )

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Have you ever stared at an open wall in your house and thought that it’s a shame not to take advantage of it? Yes, that’s because plain white walls are nondescript. Think of them as a blank canvas or an unwritten page for an author; so don’t feel afraid, just launch yourself to create…


Empty space on a wall can be very difficult to fill, especially if its whiteness is endless and you are worried about making the wrong decorating move, although it is always a winning bet if you opt for these 20 ideas to decorate with paintings and prints.

Let’s go a little further, dare with other options, such as DIY objects that you have made yourself, because there are crafts that are as beautiful as they are practical, you just have to see the step-by-step to make a wall organizer with a panel of tools. Add some life to your home decor with much-needed vibrancy with plants that look good in any corner.

We also encourage you to try other more creative options, from working with wood to learning the techniques for weaving macramé and making flower pots or decorative ornaments to hang on the walls of the living room, which will surely fit very well if you like the rustic decorative style or boho chic

You may not consider yourself a DIY expert, but these projects have easy-to-follow instructions that will make you feel like you’ve spent your whole life fucking sawing and painting. Here are the best DIY wall decor projects for your home.

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When you move into a new home, there always comes that moment when you stare at the blank walls, wondering how you’re going to fill them in and give them personality. And as much fun as it is to look for works of art in stores, we suggest another way to dress the walls of the living room or bedroom: Do it yourself.

We are here to tell you that many paintings, embroideries and abstract works of art are not as difficult to make as you think and can brighten up a dull wall and add style to a room. In fact, many of the projects we share with you can be done on a weekend, an afternoon, or even in an hour! Handmade ideas are also the perfect solution to add interest to your home wall decor.

Instead of buying that expensive piece you’ve seen on social media or in a store, you can create a very similar version for less and have the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself. So reserve some time for yourself, gather your friends or ask the little ones to join in the fun, because the time has come to decorate your DIY wall.

image3-7-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )


Recover old clipboards

The composition of the elements is vital in this proposal to decorate the wall, but the vintage look of the wooden clipboards, which you can now find in bamboo, and the old illustrations is a plus. No matter the size of the clipboards, they just need a piece of cotton string to suspend them from the pegs. You can also try this idea with food cutting boards, which you can paint to your liking.

image7-7-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )


A wall with baskets

Natural materials are the main thing on this proposal, which provides texture to the environment. Make as many combinations as you can to create circular, triangular and star shapes, wire them together or attach them with double-sided tape to the wall, for a striking wall decoration for the hall or a corner of the porch.

image2-7-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )


Wall with kitchen utensils

Wooden spoons come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, making them strong candidates for a pretty mural to decorate your kitchen wall. To mount the panel, you will need a rectangle of plywood, which you can cut to the size you prefer and choose the color that best matches. Arrange the wooden utensils in an original pattern, from light to dark, and fix each spoon with the glue gun. If you prefer, you can make small holes with a fine drill and fix the spoons with coconut thread or very fine wire.

image4-7-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )


DIY painting with colored crystals

Whether you collect crystals from the seashore or have shells from the beach, you can make this simple homemade craft to create a marine-inspired painting. You will need a transparent frame and paste the crystals, shells or stones, painted in different shades of blue, to form a wave.

image1-5-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )5

Get your old books back

Take a tour of the bookstores by weight or review your older books and create this original wall decoration with your own hands. Creativity is total because you can put each book in a different position: vertical or horizontal, open or closed.

image8-7-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )


Handmade jewelry box with a twig

This solution to organize your jewelry seems like a shop window idea. You can hang your necklaces and jewelry on the twig, which if it has knots or branches you can take advantage of to organize other accessories, such as rings or bracelets. You only need a cotton thread to hang the DIY organizer on the bedroom wall.


A DIY crown

image6-7-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )

Decorate the wall of the baby’s bedroom or your country house with this DIY wreath woven with your own hands. It will be perfect on the wall of the fireplace or in the crib area. To make it, you can knit or reuse an old wool scarf, which you will have to place around a foam crown and fix with pins.

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Full color

image5-7-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )

This DIY wall decoration is very clever and you can do it with your children, because it is a very easy craft. The key is to choose the range of colors well to make this beautiful chain gradient. Use cardboard or foam in different shades, make small rings and glue them together to form this beautiful waterfall, which you can hang on the wall in the hall or in the living room.


Wall decoration in boho chic style

9-2-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )

Your friends are going to freak out when they find out you’ve made this beauty. We warn you: they may ask you to make one for them too. You only need a wooden plank, which you can cut in a semicircle or give it the shape you want, dye it with Judea bitumen and glue cotton cords with a silicone gun, which you will also give the shape you want.


wooden boards

41405778_459889947831340_1330682280179036862_n-jpg 10 DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Walls ( 2024 )

If you have a huge wall, lots of ideas, but no idea where to start, this wooden board is your solution. You can add as many sections as you want and fill the board with all your trinkets. Look how elegant they all look together!

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