10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

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Discover some of the summer fashion accessories to complete your look this season.

Not everything in a look is the clothes. Accessories are the ones that give the final touch to your outfit. That is why we not only have to pay attention to the trends in the clothes that should be part of our wardrobe but also in the accessories that will help us to modernize our looks to the last.

10 fashion accessories for spring-summer

1. Microbag

The mini bags are as little useful as they are beautiful. If you like this trend, think about taking the basics: keys, mobile and loose change. There are also other possibilities such as hanging it from another larger bag or wearing it at the waist like a fanny pack. If you are daring, get the craziest mini bag you can find, so you will unite two trends.mini-bags-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

  1. Bracelet bag

We continue with the bags, although not necessarily as small as the previous ones. They have a detail that sets them apart and it is the shape of the handle that becomes another accessory as a pretty bracelet.Bracelet-bag-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

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  1. Maxi earrings

And from micro to maxi without thinking! The largest and most extravagant earrings will be the perfect ones to stand out in summer. Stones, fringes, flowers…anything goes, the condition is that they are huge. A piece of advice: If you fall in love with maxi earrings but they seem excessive, you can wear only one and a small earring in the other ear, so you won’t overload the look so much but you will get the style roll you are looking for.Maxi-earrings-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

  1. Straw accessories

Straw accessories are a summer essential and they are reinvented. Straw hats, for example, the bigger the better. Get a new version of the traditional hat and teleport yourself to a paradisiacal beach with your straw hat. You can also reinvent another accessory made of this material: carrycots. Surely we all have a beach carrycot but now the wicker baskets take on different shapes and sizes to take them out on a daily basis.Straw-accessories-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

  1. Maxi belts

The maxi is also going to hit hard in summer and we see it in the belts. Mark your waist and show off your silhouette. With high skirts, oversized shirts… A maxi belt is the perfect complement to give style to your looks.Maxi-belts-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

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  1. White sneakers

Don’t miss the comfortable accessories, and in this ranking you can’t miss the sneakers, especially the white sneakers for summer. Comfort and style united, two in one!White-sneakers-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

  1. Platforms

And for comfortable shoes also checkout platforms. Without giving up height, they are perfect for summer nights and being able to dance until the body can take it.Platforms-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

  1. Tip decolletes

We keep reinventing and it is the turn of the traditional court shoe. It is still pointed but the instep goes up which makes it more comfortable because it grips the foot better. The heel that you choose, from the lowest slippers to the heels.Tip-decolletes-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

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The sport goes to the street and the typical tennis visor adapts to the street style. In neutral or printed tones, technical material or cotton, whatever you like, but visors and caps will be an accessory for your head in summer, as well as protecting you from the sun!Visor-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer

  1. Socks

The sandals with socks typical of the foreign look are reinvented to go out on the streets. It is one of the most difficult accessories to adopt, suitable only if you do not like to go unnoticed. Combine the sock with your look, not necessarily with the color of your shoes.Socks-1024x1024 10 Fashion Accessories for Summer


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