10 Hair Colors that will be Trend in 2024

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Are you are thinking of changing the color of your hair or you just want to know what colors are in fashion, today we are going to talk about the hair colors that are going to be a trend in 2024.

No matter what hair color you have, you can always make a change. Stay, we’ll tell you everything.

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Honey colored hair highlights

If you are a brunette, the hair color for brunettes that is most popular this season is honey. Although it is true that it is a color that looks much better in summer, thanks to the highlights, you can do a little lightning in highlights that will make your face much shinier and more youthful.

Ash colored hair highlights

Also in hair color for brunettes you can mix ash-colored tones with others that are warmer. This hits very well, especially if you tend to have roots and thus makes the roots more blurred with the hair, also giving you a lot of naturalness.

Black hair

But without a doubt, one of the colors that will trend the most in 2024 in hair color for brunettes is black. Black is a color that has a lot of strength and will undoubtedly harden your features a lot, so if you also have a rather thin or long face, it will give you a lot of power and will highlight your features. That is, try to make a slight wear of color at the tips so that the set looks much more natural.

10-Hair-Colors-that-will-be-Trend-in-2024-3-e1689687064875-1024x363 10 Hair Colors that will be Trend in 2024


balayage highlights

The best color for those of you with brown hair color is a blonde in the highlighted format. There are Californian style wicks, balayage  wicks or the typical traditional wicks. Without a doubt, the ones that are most popular right now and will continue to be a trend are those with the “Balayage” style or technique. In this sense, we encourage you to try golden Balayage highlights from the roots to the ends, which is very subtle. In this way you will give much more light and shine to your face.

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blonde highlights

If you want traditional blonde highlights , you can also do them because they are still in style and are very suitable for those of you with brown hair . Of course, you have to know that if you choose this option, you will have to go to the hairdresser several times because normally in a single session the desired finish is not achieved.

Balayage highlights in ash color

But if you want to go a little further, now Balayage highlights in ash tone are going to be a trend. It makes you look  more youthful and carefree, but they sure look great.


And finally, some color tips for those with blonde hair

If you have blonde hair, the truth is that you are in luck. As you may have seen, both for those with brown hair color and those with brunette hair color, the biggest trends are towards blonde hair color types. Now, there are many blonde hair colors, of many shades and types.10-Hair-Colors-that-will-be-Trend-in-2024-2-e1689687086136-1024x358 10 Hair Colors that will be Trend in 2024

caramel blonde hair color

One of the most trending blonde hair colors  in 2023 and at least it will continue in 2024 is the caramel blonde tone .

vanilla blonde hair color

If you are already rather blonde, this hair tone will not cost you much to maintain. However, we also advise you that, depending on your skin tone, you can look at other options that are also a trend at the moment. How can it be vanilla blonde  or a variation of the Nirvana blonde tone? A whiter or pinker skin tone suits a warm blonde like vanilla or gold that we have already discussed, but nevertheless, on a darker skin tone, a Nirvana-style blonde will suit you better..

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