11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

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The French pedicure is just as crucial as the manicure. Because in both cases we are talking about a technique that is known by all and that gives us a most elegant look. So if you want to see your nails in the best care and combined with different finishes, you can’t miss the selection of ideas we show you.

Summer allows us to enjoy numerous options in terms of beauty. Sandals make our feet spend more time outdoors and for this reason, we like to show them off in the best possible way: with a good pedicure. So, since we are in those days of heat, swimming pools and beaches, there is nothing like going according to very varied shades in terms of nail polishes.

French in basic colors

image6-1-1024x560 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

Uniting the two basic colors, excellence is always one of the great alternatives. More than anything because we know that with both, we are going to succeed. White and black nail polish come together in a manicure as original as this one. The big-toe nails are the ones that have the most prominence and are completed with a floral touch that is most suitable for this season.

French ‘animal print’

image2-4-1024x721 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

Animal print is always a fashion trend. That is why it is common to see how garments are carried away by this beautiful combination. But not only them but also the world of beauty has come to stay. You can do the French pedicure in white and on the big toe nail do the animal print with black or brown enamel, depending on the print you choose.

French with a floral finish

image8-1-1024x788 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

Yes, if we talk about patterns, the floral cannot be left out. Especially since as far as French pedicures are concerned, we need an idea like this. In order not to overload the look, it is always better to let only one of the nails have a flower print. Don’t you think it’s a good idea in floral manicures?

French with gloss enamel

image9-2-1024x747 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

Glitter nail polish is always advisable to have in your vanity bag. More than anything because it is perfect to complete any self-respecting pedicure. In this case, instead of the classic white, we will give it a touch of glitter with glitter nail polish. Gold is always a great ally to add that touch of elegance.

French with rhinestones

image7-1-1024x843 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

Among the French pedicure, ideas could not miss the rhinestones. You can paint the nails as usual but when it’s time to finish, add some rhinestones. They can be adhesive and on just one nail on each foot, to avoid overloading the look. Although it is true that you can always be true to your taste and instinct.

French in neon colors

image5-3-1024x788 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

Summer allows us to make a selection of the best colors—the most vibrant and striking. Because the days are longer, there are more parties and fun, so you don’t feel like the most vibrant in general. Hence, one of the ideas is the French pedicure with neon colors. From green to yellow or orange.

electrocardiogram pedicure

image11-1024x803 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

The function of the heart is what is reflected in the electrocardiogram. So it is one of the best-known designs and that we have even seen in tattoos as a tribute to a special person or to love in general. Well, now you can also wear it but in your pedicure. A simple and practical idea that also combines the basic colors and ends with a red heart.

French in blue

image1-5-1024x741 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

We always associate the color blue with summer. Although it is true that it is worn in each and every one of the seasons, in summer even more because it is an ally of the sailor style. In this case, the French pedicure goes in blue and white. But yes, it also has a nice floral touch with small pearls around it.

French with symbols

image10-1024x804 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

Symbols or prints but in both cases the result is very special. Because without a doubt, originality will be present in your nails. You can design them yourself, or let yourself be carried away by the stickers that are always a good resource. Then you can put a bit of transparent enamel on them and thus, they will last longer intact.

Metallic French

image4-4-1024x642 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

There never seems to be enough glitter for our nails! So, nothing like getting carried away by the metallic effect. It is another of the options that can also be seen in the form of a French pedicure. Yes, you also have the option of adding stickers and it may be a faster alternative for a spectacular result .

French in black

image3-4-1024x668 11 French pedicure ideas to wear in 2024

While multicolored French manicure ideas are numerous, pedicures aren’t far behind. Something that we love, as we have seen, but we mention the basic tones again. In this case, the great protagonist will be the black color that floods the entire nail, while the most delicate finish remains white.


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