5 Ideas On How To Decorate and Paint Pots

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We know how much you like plants and flowers, and also crafts. And what better fusion of two of your hobbies than… painting pots and pots! We show you some ideas to paint pots and decorate your home with them, from a simple but original and cozy decorative perspective. Take note and be inspired!

Plants are an essential complement in the freshest and most welcoming decorations, and they are increasingly present in our homes. At the same time, handicrafts and the renovation of vintage elements are becoming increasingly common.

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Little by little, the idea of ​​reusing, recycling, and taking advantage of materials that we already had is becoming more and more important in our decorative culture.

Every time we have a more ecological vision at decorative levels, and also a great desire to be creative and original,  the combination of both things is great! For this reason, we are going to teach you and give you some good ideas for painting pots. 

Thus, we are going to teach you how to paint pots in a very simple way, with easy and simple lines, mono-color decoration… but without neglecting originality and its ability to create cozy environments. Take note!

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Monocolor: Pastel colors

You don’t need many colors to paint a pot and give it an original touch, you can paint it in a single color!

For example, pastel colors and matte and chalk paints are great materials to give it a different and beautiful touch and renew your pots.

To paint this type of element, you can use acrylic paint or special paint for ceramics, and look for a more or less matte texture among these types of paint.

Depending on the material, if the pot you plan to paint is very shiny, you can lightly sand it so that the paint adheres better.

Geometric shapes are also a well-known element of this type of simpler decoration, so you can look for a pot with an unusual shape and then give it a special and creative touch by painting it in pastel tones.

And don’t forget to combine them with each other! If you want to give a special touch to that empty corner of your home, there’s nothing like combining different pots in the same shades.

image-6 5 Ideas On How To Decorate and Paint Pots


Another idea to decorate under the concepts of simplicity and originality is to give a touch of color in one of the parts of the pot.

For example, you can place masking tape on half or quarter of the pot, and paint the bottom a single color, leaving the top natural.

It is a very easy idea to renew a pot, and it looks great!

If you opt for this idea, remember to correctly place the masking tape so that the partition is straight.

image-7 5 Ideas On How To Decorate and Paint Pots


Polka dots never fail and are, perhaps, one of the decorative elements that fit perfectly both in the most minimalist and simple decorations and in the most baroque ones.

In this case, we will choose more simple or neutral colors and not so strident to continue with the simple line of our home decoration.

For this, you can make the polka dots in two ways. You can use a small brush and carefully make small circles and fill them.

This way they won’t be perfectly round, but that’s also an interesting effect! Getting a more handmade and unique air.

image-4 5 Ideas On How To Decorate and Paint Pots

little touches

If you don’t want to make any specific drawing or focus on exact geometric elements, with a few small touches and colors that match each other, you can also give a pot a great touch.

Depending on the color and texture that the container itself previously had, if it doesn’t suit you with the colors you have in mind, you can give it a white base and, once dry, paint small details with the brush in the form of an extended line.

image-8 5 Ideas On How To Decorate and Paint Pots

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Gold bread

Gold leaf consists of very thin gold sheets that we can place on different surfaces. From paper or canvas to ceramic, which makes it a great material for decorating pots

It is a material widely used in traditional illustration and quite delicate, so it must be handled carefully, otherwise, it will break and stick to our hands and we will not be able to work with it. You can give the most special touches to a pot with gold leaf.

To do this, give it a light coat of white glue (which will later be transparent), place the gold leaf on top and remove the excess with a brush. The brush can be a little wet so that the excess is better removed.

A great idea to achieve a beautiful result with this material is to outline a fine line with two pieces of masking tape around the pot, and paint with white glue. Then, we place the gold leaf and gradually remove the excess until we complete the entire strip.

image-5 5 Ideas On How To Decorate and Paint Pots

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