7 Hairstyles With Easy Braids For You

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Braided hairstyles never go out of style, so we show you some very revealing looks for any day of the year. Comfort, style and elegance combined in a hairstyle with braids to suit you. The best of all? They are very easy to do!

Are you going to miss these 7 hairstyles with braids that never go out of style and that even celebrities wear?

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There is no doubt that braids can make an absolute statement in any look. Either defined, creating an elegant style, perfect for black-tie events, or, worn undone, a more bohemian and casual look for day-to-day. In addition, thanks to its versatility, you can reinvent the classic braid in a thousand different ways in different hairstyles. And no, you don’t have to have a Rapunzel-style mane, since good undone braids will give you volume, better adapting to the shape of your face.

Types of braids

You can wear braids in loose hair, in up-dos, in pigtails… with a bohemian touch, with a more rocker look, and even to look perfect at work or doing sports. There are different types of braids: French, herringbone, Greek or crown style, side, root… Braids can be the star of a style or be used as a detail to decorate up-dos like a bow or ponytail, or as a crown or headband.

The best thing about braids is that you don’t need to have long or voluminous hair to get a trendy braided hairstyle that is the talk of the office. Look how the following celebrities look, without any kind of complexity!

1. Romantic hairstyle with braids

With your hair loose, make a small root braid from the forehead like a headband. Pin it to the side like Jennifer Aniston does or in two braids, one on each side (right photo).

Braid crowns are perfect for any look, but they stand out enormously as one of the easiest hairstyles to wear at Christmas.Romantic-hairstyle-with-braids-1024x576 7 Hairstyles With Easy Braids For You

2. Hairstyle with Hippie style braids

Give your hairstyle a hippie style with a wavy bob and braids falling loosely over the hair. This type of hairstyle was made fashionable by the actresses and artists who best represented the 2000s, such as Asley Olsen or the fantastic Drew Barrymore.Hairstyle-with-Hippie-style-braids-1024x576 7 Hairstyles With Easy Braids For You

3. The most “smart” hairstyle with braids

If If you have long hair and want the braid to take center stage, you can create a voluminous side braidIf If you have long hair and want the braid to take center stage, you can create a voluminous side braid. If you define it or seal it with lacquer, it will be a hairstyle that will triumph in any etiquette event. On the other hand, an undone side braid, with loose strands, will be ideal for the day.The-most-smart-hairstyle-with-braids-1024x576 7 Hairstyles With Easy Braids For You

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4. Hairstyle with braids for short hair

If you are a lover of braids and you have short hair, without a doubt, it is best that you opt for braids with a more rock style. You can decorate one side of the hairstyle with a braid made from the roots that clears one side of the face, with hair up or down.Hairstyle-with-braids-for-short-hair-1024x576 7 Hairstyles With Easy Braids For You

5. Hairstyle with Parisian braids

If what you are looking for is a sophisticated look, fully collected look, opt for a low bun with braids, ideal for special events such as weddings, baptisms, or black-tie dinners. To decorate the bow, you can also use the root braid, collecting part of the hair from the forehead to the side.Hairstyle-with-Parisian-braids-1024x576 7 Hairstyles With Easy Braids For You

6. The most royal braid

To make a crown braid, also called a Greek or Tyrolean braid, you have to make two braids, one on each side of the head, starting behind the ears and pulling up. Once finished, join them at the top of the head with bobby pins.The-most-royal-braid-1024x576 7 Hairstyles With Easy Braids For You

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7. Boxer Braids to go to the gym

In our list you cannot miss the most trendy, boxing braids or boxer braids that are made from the roots, collecting the hair in two very defined parts.

Boxer braids, also known as Dutch braids, became a trend back in 2004, thanks to Hilary Swank and her luscious performance in Million Dollar Baby. However, it was not until the public recognition of the Kardashian clan, who put it in the eye of the hurricane.

The versatility of this hairstyle is somewhat addictive since it is very comfortable for going to the gym, running, or for excursions through nature. Without a doubt, this type of hairstyle is a very comfortable choice for those who love outdoor activities.7.-Boxer-Braids-to-go-to-the-gym 7 Hairstyles With Easy Braids For You

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