Advantages Of Face-To-Face Communication

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Although our new means of communication allow us to talk with people far away, talking face-to-face will always be the best form of communication.

No doubt about it, technologies have changed the way we communicate. Today, for example, it is possible to keep in touch with friends living abroad thanks to social networks. Yet video calls and technology are sometimes insufficient or ineffective. Talking face-to-face, while some type of physical contact is occurring, is and always will be the best form of communication.

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It is true that applications such as Skype allow people living in different cities and countries to be able to talk every day, feeling close thanks to the possibility of seeing each other’s faces. No need to wait days to receive a letter from friends, exchanges are done instantly. Yet, it is important to interact face to face to have full communication. It is not advisable not to see your friends, under the pretext that you made a phone call to them.

Applications like WhatsApp allow us to communicate every day and follow the thread of events, but there is nothing better than having a coffee or having dinner with friends. Here are five good reasons to prefer talking face to face rather than always going through other means of communication.pexels-fernando-gomez-cortes-15024053-1024x683 Advantages Of Face-To-Face Communication

Reasons why you should prefer talking face to face

The need for physical contact

We need physical contact. When we see our friends, we don’t just talk: we touch, we kiss, we hug. Some days we need more, and a simple hug speaks louder than words, makes us realize that everything will be okay. In addition, scientifically speaking, physical contact improves emotional well-being, reduces stress and provides a pleasant feeling of affection and relaxation.pexels-elina-fairytale-5860012-1024x683 Advantages Of Face-To-Face Communication

The importance of non-verbal communication

When we speak via technologies, we leave aside everything related to non-verbal communication. Human beings are capable of expressing any feeling without words, and sometimes we are not aware of this power. Have you ever experienced a misunderstanding by message? Have you ever answered only with an emoji? Have you ever wanted to send a message of support to a friend who thought you were angry with them? This never happens when talking face to face.pexels-antoni-shkraba-production-8790857-1024x683 Advantages Of Face-To-Face Communication

All our attention is on the conversation

One of the benefits of technology is that it allows us to carry on a conversation while doing something else. The problem is that by doing so, we lose the importance to be given to the message received by not paying it the necessary attention.

Talking face to face lets you know how the other person is feeling

Appearance and fitness are important, which is why so many people use photos of strangers to seduce on dating apps and sites. But beyond that, it’s important to see a person as they really are. Maybe your brother texted you that he had a great day, when he spent the day crying because he lost his job. Aren’t our loved ones worth knowing how they really feel?pexels-tima-miroshnichenko-5698128-1024x683 Advantages Of Face-To-Face Communication

Better manage stress and anxiety

For the most part, we live particularly stressful lives, which is why it’s good to get out of our routine. Calling a friend or chatting via message isn’t enough, because you’ll be staying in the same place thinking about what to do. Plan a meeting with a friend, go for coffee together. Talk about your problems, goals, and feelings. Thus, you will manage to take this necessary breath to be able to face the next day with determination and optimism.

Our technologies help us a lot every day, it’s true, but we must not forget face-to-face communication. It is thanks to her that we will be able to stay close to our friends and know what really concerns them. In addition, seeing each other and getting out of the routine is the best way to avoid anxiety and stress.


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