Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2024 (Natural and Simple Looks!)

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Trends in bridal hairstyles 2024, simple and natural looks!

Bridal fashion never stops advancing: every year wedding dresses, accessories and even bridal bouquets are updated with colours, materials and designs. The arrangement of the fiancée is not far behind and wedding hairstyles are transformed little by little, creating styles that mark an entire era. Do you want to discover the trends in bridal hairstyles in 2024?  Discover them and be the most trendy bride!

Minimalist and comfortable pigtails

image4-10 Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2024 (Natural and Simple Looks!)

Minimalist hairstyles are classic, simple and very versatile. In 2023, polished and stylized pigtails will stand out in bridal looks, either high or low. In addition to being timeless hairstyles, they look good with any wedding dress. Straight or with waves, the pigtails will give an appearance of carefree elegance.

The most popular finish is to wrap a lock of the same hair as the bride around the ponytail knot: it will be a perfect touch for the minimalist finish and will give a slight extra volume to the hidden part of the hairstyle. It can also be paired with a shiny barrette over the knot to bring out the elegant air.

Free and natural hair

image2-11-1024x682 Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2024 (Natural and Simple Looks!)

Loose bridal hairstyles are featured at many weddings, especially wavy styles. Loose hair can be combined with many accessories: headbands and flower crowns are very popular and define a glamorous look or a bohemian style. 

To make hairstyles quicker and more practical, many brides prefer to wear their hair as it is.: while extensions never go out of style, natural hair, without dyes or bases, will be a noticeable trend in 2024. Even brides who love to color their hair fall in love all over again with their natural shade and want to show it off on their big day. The fringe is not extremely trendy, since many women have had to let it grow; instead, the side highlights can accompany the most romantic looks.

Tousled hairstyles

image3-12-1024x682 Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2024 (Natural and Simple Looks!)

From tousled pixies to tousled buns and ponytails, the messy look of tousled hairstyles has become popular for being romantic and modern. Loose locks, neatly messy waves, half-loose knotted braids, and simple wedding hairstyles have been all the rage in recent years.

The high buns with a carefree air, as well as the wavy hair look in many wedding photos. Which would you like to wear on your big day?

Romantic updos 

image6-9-1024x682 Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2024 (Natural and Simple Looks!)

The comfort and practicality of bridal hairstyles will be essential in 2024: collected and semi-collected falls with many waves and natural volume. The traditional cascades are reinvented with styles on the sides or with a lot of volume on the crown of the head. They are versatile hairstyles that can be worn at all types of weddings and as guests!

There is also no shortage of comfortable styles, especially loose and tousled updos. These styles harmonize with the atmosphere of many celebrations, especially in relaxed and intimate weddings: they are a symbol of romance and ease.

More elaborate braids

image7-9-1024x683 Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2024 (Natural and Simple Looks!)

Braids are a symbol of Mexican identity. However, there are many types of braids present in other cultures. The reinterpretation and rescue of medieval fashion with touches of fantasy have popularized hairstyles with braids in recent times. Each fabric defines the personality of the bride: that’s why each braid is unique!

Floral accessories and headpieces with jewelry

image5-9 Bridal Hairstyle Trends 2024 (Natural and Simple Looks!)

Natural accessories and jewelry are not lacking in bridal hairstyles this year: preserved flowers and ribbons, as well as headdresses with jewelry and crystal applications are very popular. Boho-style brides fall in love with floral cascades and gold metallic headpieces. Headbands, bows and brooches are very present, as well as some floral maxi headdresses in the form of a crown, garters and tiaras. 

Pearls of different sizes are also present to dot the hairstyles, especially the braids. Nor will they be lacking in pins and lateral forks  and even in net veils.

What trend will define your style in 2024? Will you be a natural and simple bride or will you choose an intricate and spectacular wedding hairstyle? Tell the world who you are and how you want to live your big day: your bridal hairstyle is your best ally!


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