Gain Weight Naturally

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Gain Weight: Just as obesity and excess weight are major issues, many individuals struggle with being underweight. People make fun of him because of his low weight; he also appears to be a malnutrition sufferer.

But don’t fear, there are some home remedies that will help you gain weight in a few months, or increase your weight.

Home Remedies For Gaining Weight 


Include potatoes as part of your usual diet. Potatoes contain carbohydrates and complex sugars, which aid in weight growth. You can eat potatoes in any manner you want for this, but avoid over-frying them.


Consuming ghee will also cause you to gain weight because it includes a lot of saturated fats and calories. Ghee can be consumed by adding it to food or by mixing it with sugar, but the quantity of ghee consumed should be limited.


Consume a fistful of raisins throughout the day. Your weight will quickly rise as a result of this. In addition, dividing raisins and figs into equal portions and eating them after soaking them overnight will help you gain weight.

Eggs contain a lot of fat and calories, and if consumed on a daily basis, the weight will increase; however, keep in mind that eating raw eggs, even by accident, can cause severe health problems.


Eating bananas is the most effective method to gain weight. If you eat bananas on a regular basis, your weight will undoubtedly rise. Bananas are high in calories, which not only provide energy to the body but also aid in weight growth. You can consume banana with milk, but you can also make a banana shake with it.


Almonds are also very efficient at increasing weight. Soak 3-4 almonds in water overnight, then grind them in milk and consume the next day. Do this every day for a month to see the difference.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter can also help you gain weight. You can consume it in a variety of ways, such as on bread or with roti. Peanut butter includes a lot of carbohydrates as well as a lot of calories.

Getting Enough Sleep

People do not connect sleep with weight gain, and if it is stated that not getting enough sleep leads to weight gain, they will dismiss it as a joke, despite the fact that it is true. When people get enough sleep, that is, sleep for at least 8 hours, their bodies rest, and whatever they eat will certainly have an effect on their bodies.

Eating nuts such as peanuts or dry fruits with milk will also cause weight gain, but bear in mind that this should be done in moderation. You should avoid gaining weight if you don’t want to acquire more diseases in your body.


In addition to beans and legumes, eating kidney beans and pulses will cause a weight increase. Lyma beans and soybeans are more effective in this regard, so you must consume them in some way or another. Beans contain a lot of fiber in addition to carbohydrates and calories, and all of these components contribute to weight gain.


Pomegranate juice consumption on a regular basis causes rapid weight gain.

Dates and Chickpeas

Thin people who eat dates with gram gain weight rapidly.

Honey and Hazelnuts

Consuming raisins combined with milk also contributes to weight. Aside from that, eating honey mixed with walnuts causes thin people to gain weight rapidly.

Do not engage in these activities in order to gain weight

Many people consume junk food in order to gain weight, which is not healthy. Don’t consume any junk food. Aside from that, avoid eating anything that cannot be metabolized.

Aside from that, many people take medications and protein supplements to boost obesity or weight, but this is harmful to their health. You will be able to grow well with medications, but the problems that will arise in the future, as well as the side effects that will follow, will be negative.

Take note: Gaining weight is not an easy job, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Obesity or being underweight is inherited in some individuals, so if your weight does not increase despite these efforts, do not force yourself and consult a doctor. It is certain that if the aforementioned steps are implemented on a regular basis, they will be beneficial.

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