‘Glass Onion’ Among the 10 most viewed movies on Netflix

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Just 82.14 million hours of playback was achieved by Glass Onion in its first weekend on the platform. However, there was one more week left for it to break the record and position itself as the most outstanding of the year 2022.

The Knives Out formula, in its sequel has achieved 127.5 million hours of reproduction until just January 1. This figure, of course, has not been achieved by any other film on the platform this year. In addition, its cumulative total of 209.4 million hours in 10 days places it in the Top 10 of all Netflix history.

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Keep going up

For now, the film directed by Rian Johnson is positioned in 10th place, only ahead of ‘El Irlandes’ but considering that it still has days to add, it is very likely that it will even reach the Top 3.

image-25 'Glass Onion' Among the 10 most viewed movies on Netflix

What is Glass Onion about?

We already expected you to ask, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you have to put it on your list as a priority.

Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is back, ready to unravel the mystery of this new film. In this new adventure, where we can see the detective traveling with a peculiar group of friends to a paradisiacal island located in Greece, the first enigma that apparently has to be solved is exactly how he got there.

The group of friends is called to celebrate by billionaire Miles Bron ( Edward Norton ) who usually holds an exclusive Themed Reunion on an annual basis.

In this tape, each character has a story, secrets, wrapped in lies and motives to commit a murder. That’s why when it comes time to discover someone’s death, everyone becomes a suspect.

If you remember Knives Out : Between Knives and Secrets, its top-notch cast and incredible plot management, you already have the formula in advance. But this time, it goes one more level of extravagance, taking the concept more lightly and still leaving behind a great film that doesn’t ask for anything from its predecessor.

The direction, plot and characters are once again the strong point of Glass Onion, so for us it is a must that will leave you with a great taste in your mouth.

Let’s also remember that Netflix acquired the rights to the first 2 sequels of the saga, so yes or yes, we will have a third installment that we look forward to.

If you already watched it, we would love to know your opinion.

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