How To Choose A Foundation (Makeup)

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The choice of foundation can be crucial , it is the main element of makeup. You have to know how to choose it but above all in accordance with your skin, your complexion and other parameters. There are also types of foundation: fluid, mineral or compact. In addition, we must not neglect the texture and the tint which are to be taken into consideration. You should also pay attention to coverage . In this article, we will talk about all these features.

How to choose the shade of your foundation?

Whether you want to use a foundation for oily or clear skin, the most important thing would be to choose a foundation that has the same shade as your skin tone. The shades must be the same to avoid the famous unsightly tan mask effect or the sickly appearance of wax dolls on the face.

To check your foundation shade , there’s no better area than your jawline. Avoid your hands or wrists, they are usually lighter or darker than your facial skin color. The season also has an impact! It is strongly advised not to use the same foundation during summer and winter.

The coverage of the foundation: an important parameter

To choose the coverage of the foundation that suits you the most, it is according to your needs. Coverage is divided into 3 types: full, medium and light. There is no specific coverage to choose from. You just need to know what you expect when you apply your foundation . In general, your choice will hide certain imperfections (acne, shine, redness, scars) and to bring a radiance to your complexion until the natural unification of your complexion.

  • Light coverage won’t hide imperfections, but it will give your face illumination.
  • Medium coverage can hide small imperfections.
  • The total coverage will unify the face and make the complexion fully magnificent. If you want to achieve a more refined makeup, this is usually the recommended base.

The texture of a foundation: how to choose it well?

When it comes to the texture of a foundation , there are three main types:

  • the compact texture,
  • volatile mineral powder which is made from natural mineral actives,
  • the fluid texture found in cream or liquid.

In order to choose, it will be necessary to test. Skins and their types differ. For example, your friend’s foundation may not suit you. On the other hand, the coverage of the foundation will not depend on the texture, but rather on the quantity that you will apply.

So, in the end, your choice will depend on your needs (illuminating your face, hiding imperfections, etc.) and your taste as well (for example: light and natural makeup, more refined makeup base, etc.).

Foundation Ingredients You Should Avoid

There are a lot of foundations available in cosmetics stores, and prices vary depending on the brands and the quantity available. Some ingredients may be harmful to your skin given their components (especially if you have acne or your skin is sensitive and often shows allergies), or on the contrary, there is absolutely no danger on the skin. There are also dyes which are artificial and should therefore be avoided, mineral oils (comedogenic, polluting or even occlusive) and even silicones (which risk disrupting the endocrine system and causing cancer).

To choose your foundation, take all these parameters into account. In the end, it is the test of the foundation that will determine if it suits you or not.


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