How to communicate better with a woman

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Personal communication always appeals to the relational context of its protagonists. Beyond the fact of being a man or a woman, it is convenient to put the main point of attention on the person. The more you know a woman, the easier it is for you to establish interesting conversation topics since, in essence, there is no universal answer that works for all cases.

Every woman, like every man, is an individual being with her history, character, expectations, interests, and preferences

4 tips to communicate better with a woman in a relationship

Next, we give you four suggestions to achieve this purpose of emotional intelligence.

1. Give him space in your life

To take care of communication, it is essential to find time for that person. The degree of affective involvement depends not only on your feelings but also on the stage you are in. However, if you want to bond with that person, make room for them in your life. The word is a vehicle to achieve this goal.

2. Listen

When a woman shares information with you, in most cases, she doesn’t want you to advise her, she simply wants you to listen. That means paying attention to that conversation, and living that moment without the rush that arises from mental anticipation (this happens when you start listing those pending tasks). Learn to be present in every moment of your life.

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3. Avoid prejudices

It is convenient that in any type of interpersonal bond, the protagonists express themselves from the freedom and naturalness of that story, avoiding any type of limiting stereotype. Therefore, watch and listen to know that person as he is. This knowledge is the main resource of understanding since, in this case, you position yourself before that person from the truth of his being, without conditioning yourself for how you would like him to be. Prejudices in society and interpersonal relationships can have a very limiting effect.

4. Empathy

Think about what unites you with that person and it will be easier for you to establish this closeness. In turn, empathy is born from introspection. The higher your level of self-knowledge is, the more real the empathy you have with her.

In this way, through these ideas, you can reinforce the trust you have with her (if this is also her desire). 

What to talk about with a girl? 7 conversation topics

The catalog of ideas can be limitless, talking to a woman should not be challenging when it comes to topics of conversation. In this article, we give you seven suggestions.

1. Travel

Not only can you comment on some of the trips you have taken in the past, but you can also be interested in learning about their tourism experiences, as well as possible projects to discover new destinations.

2. Routine

The routine, a term that is sometimes used with a negative connotation, can nourish you with a wide catalog of observations, anecdotes, and comments that are framed in the day-to-day plane. In fact, the topics of conversation that are closest to the routine are conducive to nurturing that relationship from the reality of the present time.

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3. Entertainment Options

Cinema, theater, television programs, YouTube channels, music concerts, sports, literature, art, or plans for the next weekend can all be included in this classification of topics of conversation.

4. Life history

Each human being is a small universe whose stars take the form of memories that constitute the memories of his life. Childhood memories, moments of adolescence, or experiences from the university stage can also nourish conversations.

5. Happiness

There are universal themes such as joy and happiness that constitute an internal motivation for men and women. For this reason, this very human desire can also be the object of philosophical reflection in the framework of daily conversations in which a climate of sincerity is created to ask questions and answer issues that touch the heart and mind.

6. Common interests

For example, if you love classical music and that girl loves it too, you can find a wide variety of topics around this issue since the simple fact of talking about a common passion produces emotional delight.

7. Relationship issues

The dialogue can also revolve around issues that have to do with the relationship itself since when two people meet, they also observe their own reality.

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How to talk to a woman if I’m shy

How-to-communicate-better-with-a-woman-2-1024x683 How to communicate better with a woman

We offer you the following tips to communicate better with a woman:

  • Sincerity. Honesty is a principle that can guide your life in all spheres. Also in the dialogue to promote authenticity in this affective bond.
  • Let yourself know This relationship will not only be prosperous if you show interest in meeting her, but also if you also let yourself be known and show yourself as you are.
  • Leave the mobile phone in the background in some of the moments you share in common. This way, you really focus on the conversation with her. Mobile phone addiction can be very detrimental to the relationship.
  • curiosity . Even if you have known that person for a long time, you can always keep discovering new details because She is in a process of constant evolution. Like you.
  • Organize conversation plans in which the word is the protagonist of the meeting.

This article is merely informative, we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.


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