How to hide the cables from the wall and the floor

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In our modern digital age, our homes and offices are brimming with an ever-increasing number of electronic devices. From televisions and gaming consoles to routers and sound systems, the need for numerous cables to connect and power these devices has become a common challenge. Unsightly cords running across walls and floors can disrupt the aesthetics of any space, causing frustration for those seeking a neat and organized environment. Fortunately, there are various clever techniques and practical solutions available to hide these cables, allowing you to enjoy a clutter-free and visually appealing living or working space.

This article aims to guide you through the process of concealing cables both from walls and floors, providing you with useful tips, step-by-step instructions, and creative ideas to achieve a clean and organized look.

The Importance of Hiding Cables

  1. esthetics and Visual Appeal:

Exposing a tangle of cables can disrupt the clean lines and sleek design of a room. Whether it’s in your living room, office, or entertainment area, visible cables can be an eyesore, drawing attention away from the carefully curated decor. By hiding cables, you create a visually appealing and clutter-free space, allowing other design elements to shine and creating a more harmonious environment.

  1. Safety and Reduced Hazards:

Loose cables strewn across the floor or hanging haphazardly from walls pose potential safety hazards. They can become trip hazards, particularly in high-traffic areas or spaces frequented by children and pets. Concealing cables reduces the risk of accidents, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

  1. Organization and Ease of Use:

Hiding cables helps maintain an organized and efficient setup. When cables are neatly tucked away, it becomes easier to identify and access the specific cables you need when connecting or disconnecting devices. This organization saves time, reduces frustration, and simplifies troubleshooting or maintenance tasks.

How to hide the cables in the wall?

Hiding the cables in the wall is very easy if you know how. We teach you the most common ways to cover the cables.

Self-adhesive channels on the skirting board to hide cables

One of the easiest solutions to this problem is to use self-adhesive gutters. We can find gutters of different sizes, styles and widths on the market. We must choose the one that best suits the decoration of the home and the thickness of the cables.

In this case, we will hide the floor cables in channels installed on the skirting board. To place them, what we have to do is cut the pieces depending on the route that we want to take and glue them.

For example, if we want a cable to go through the socket and then go up, we will place a joining piece to catch different angles and then another piece on top.

image-18-e1686145510467-300x184 How to hide the cables from the wall and the floor


As you can see, covering cables to the wall is very simple and nothing is noticeable.

Self-adhesive conduit for television cables

If what you want is to hide the television cables, the easiest way to do it is to use a television cable duct.

The first thing we have to do to place it will be to cut the pipe to the desired size. We stick it to the wall in a level way, and we pass the cables inside. Very easy and fast!

image-20-1024x576 How to hide the cables from the wall and the floor

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Hide the cables inside the wall

It consists of hiding the cables inside the wall. This is one of the most laborious options, but also the most aesthetic, since the cables will be completely hidden in the wall.

To do this DIY job, the first thing to do is mark the wall with the routing of the wiring and check with the metal detector that there are no pipes. Subsequently, make a double groove following the line and empty the base of the new plugs.

Then we pass the corrugated tubes through the socket boxes and through the groove and cover it with plaster.

We introduce the cables through their corresponding tubes and take them to the bases of the plugs.

Finally, we introduce each cable into its corresponding terminal , we fix them and we introduce the mechanisms of the plugs in the boxes, holding them with some lag screws. We end up giving a leveling paste to the plaster so that the wall is perfect.

Desk cable covers

If what you want is to hide the cables of electronic devices on a desk, the ideal solution is a cable cover .

The cable cover will improve aesthetics, order and will protect cables from bumps or scratches, and there is also a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from.

Placing it is very simple, all you have to do is cut the cable cover to the desired size, insert the cables inside and stick the kit’s adhesive to the wall.

image-19-e1686145581162-1024x526 How to hide the cables from the wall and the floor

How to hide cables from the ground?

It is always a good idea to collect and hide the cables from the floor, not only for aesthetic reasons but to avoid possible tripping .

In DIY stores we will find different accessories to do it, such as tubes or power strips. On this occasion, we suggest the D-Line Floor Cable.

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Step by step to hide cables from the ground with a power strip

Step 1

Step 2
Next, we transport the measurement to the piece and cut it, using scissors. To hide the cables from the ground, we will begin by measuring the section of ground that we want to cover with the help of a flexometer.

Step 3
Now we can introduce the cables through the slot and support the strip in its position.

Step 4
In our case, we want to hold the accessory to the ground, so we clean the rubber surface well with a cloth moistened with alcohol…

Step 5
Apply a few dots of an extra-strong, flexible and transparent adhesive to the ruler.

Step 6
Next, we fix the strip on the floor , pressing it so that it adheres correctly.

Step 7
You can see that in a simple way we can store and hide the cables on the floor , obtaining an excellent result.

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