How to make new friends at 40

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How to make new friends at 40

Friendship is a purpose that activates the heart because human beings are social by nature. No matter how old you are, the purpose of making new friends is one that can be with you forever. The age of 40 is one of the most significant moments of maturity. In addition to enjoying the company of friends who have always accompanied you, you can also add the incentive of meeting new people who will become part of your social circle. How do I make new friends at 40?

8 tips for making new friends at 40

  • Have an open-minded attitude.

Having an open-minded attitude when making new friends means being approachable, adaptable, and accepting of others. This can help you learn new things, build stronger friendships, and be more resilient in the face of setbacks.

  • Attend social events and activities in your community.

Attending social events and activities in your community is a great way to meet new people and make friends at 40. It provides an opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests and provides a sense of belonging, making it easier to socialize and start conversations.

  • Find common hobbies. 

To meet new friends at 40, you can encourage the habit of focusing on those commonalities that unite you with other people you regularly meet somewhere, for example, in a course. Based on these common interests, you can encourage interaction to direct communication towards that area so that, at some point in which you feel comfortable, propose a plan to that person.

Connecting with old friends 

pexels-darina-belonogova-8374550-1024x683 How to make new friends at 40

Connecting with old friends is a great way to make new friends at 40. You already have a shared history and common interests, making it easier to establish new connections. Additionally, your old friends may be able to introduce you to new people and expand your social circle.

  • Make new contacts through common friends.

Making new contacts through common friends is a great way to expand your social circle and potentially make new friends at 40. You already have a connection in common and can build trust and familiarity. It also increases your opportunities to meet new people and provides social support.

  • Learn to flow

 If you want to make new friends, then be patient. Do not be obsessed with this purpose, do not be impatient with your own desire. You not only have to listen to your own rhythm, but also, respect the rhythm of the other person.

  • Training courses

 Continuous training is a common reality in today’s professional field. In this professional space where you spend so many hours of your life, you can also make new friends.

  • Pages to make friends online

 New technologies also open up new possibilities for social relationships. If you are interested in this idea, you can create a personalized profile on a friendship portal where you have your own user profile.

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Take the initiative to make new friends at 40

pexels-darina-belonogova-8374682-683x1024 How to make new friends at 40

When you have the desire to make new friends, it can happen that you expect to observe interest in others. However, it is especially important that you take the initiative to cultivate social ties when you see the opportunity to do so. To do this, focus on your action without anticipating the response you may get from the other person.

Do not compare your present stage with previous stages. To make new friends at this time, you have to start from your own circumstances and, based on them, make effective decisions. Beyond age, there is a quality that always triumphs in friendship: authenticity. Therefore, put into practice the naturalness of being and showing yourself as you are. Those people with whom you feel this way are a very positive influence and very pleasant company.

Take care of the details. For example, remember the names of those potential friends during your first conversations. Encourage conversation plans because they are the best way to promote mutual knowledge.

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The importance of intergenerational friendship

The maturity of 40 years can be especially inspiring to activate a value as important as that of intergenerational friendship. In other words, the ultimate criteria for making new friends does not have to be age.

This occurs more frequently in childhood and adolescence, where groups of friends are made up of boys and girls who are in the same life stage. Now, from your position, you can establish social ties by observing how age is relative when you find concerns in common with those people.

It is very possible that in those places where you regularly participate, you will find people of different ages. People who can provide you with different points of view that complement your own vision of life.

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