How to Paint Clay Pots

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Thinking of decorating your clay pots? You can give them a personal touch by painting them yourself. Each pot will be unique!

We are going to see step by step how to paint clay pots and get a perfect finish.

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Decorating clay pots is very simple, we just need a little imagination and patience. Clay is a very porous material, so we will have to treat it before painting it.

Next, we see how to paint clay pots step by step.

Step by step on how to paint clay pots

Step 1

We start by cleaning all the pots that we want to paint with a damp cloth and rub with a soft brush to remove any dirt they may have. If dirt remains, the result will not be uniform and the paint may loosen.

Step-1-1 How to Paint Clay Pots

If we observe imperfections, we can pass a fine grain sandpaper.

Step 2

Step-2-1 How to Paint Clay Pots

Before starting to paint the pot, we have to waterproof the surface and seal the pores so that we can water the plants without affecting the decoration. We protect the surface where we are going to paint and apply a layer of waterproof sealant, both inside and outside. Let dry for the time indicated by the manufacturer.

We can place the pot upside down on a jar to work more comfortably.

Step 3

Step-3-1 How to Paint Clay Pots

Depending on the design that we want in the flower pots, we will delimit the areas that we do not want to paint with masking tape.

Step 4
Next, we apply a coat of primer that will help the paint adhere better to this very porous surface.

Step-4-1 How to Paint Clay Pots

Step 5

Step-5-1 How to Paint Clay Pots

As soon as it dries, we apply a layer of acrylic paint in the color that we like best.

Step 6

Step-6-1 How to Paint Clay Pots

We apply the necessary layers. We can make drawings or decorations with a brush.

Step 7

Step-7-1 How to Paint Clay Pots

To finish, we apply a coat of acrylic sealer to make the paint last longer. You can customize the pots as you like!

What paint to use to paint clay pots?

Acrylic paint is one of the best options for painting clay pots since it has great adhesion and is very resistant.

We can choose between three finishing options, matte, satin and gloss. This type of paint is very easy to apply, waterproof, and dries quickly. In addition, it does not produce many odors and can be applied by brush, roller, pad or spray.

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How to paint clay pots: ideas and tips

If you need inspiration to paint your pots, we are going to see some ideas to decorate and paint pots.

Combine the natural color of the pot with another color

You do not need many colors to achieve a very decorative and original result. The color of the mud is very combinable with other colors. You can choose to paint only a part of the pot or create decorations while keeping the background of the original color.

For example, you can place masking tape in the middle of the pot, and paint the lower part in a single color creating geometric elements and leaving the upper part natural. What do you think?

image-1-1024x576 How to Paint Clay Pots

Gold bread

Gold leaf is about gold sheets that are used to decorate different surfaces.

It is a very delicate material, so we will have to handle it carefully. It will give a very original touch to our pots and the result is very decorative. To use it, we will only have to give white glue, place the gold leaf on top and remove the excess with a brush.

For a perfect finish, we can use masking tape to delimit the areas that we do not want to decorate.

image-1024x576 How to Paint Clay Pots

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classify aromatic plants

One of the most practical options for decorating our pots if we have aromatic plants is classifying them by name. You will be able to perfectly identify each of the plants quickly and effortlessly. Also, the result is very attractive.

image-2-1024x576 How to Paint Clay Pots

Decorate pots with Decoupage

You can also choose to decorate the pots with the decoupage technique. Decoupage consists of decorating different surfaces with pieces of wallpaper.

In the market, we can find a multitude of designs and finishes of wallpaper for decoupage. We will only have to glue it on and seal it with adhesive or varnish.

To achieve a good finish, the ideal is to paint the clay pot a lighter color than the pattern on the paper and then glue the paper on top.

image-3-1024x576 How to Paint Clay Pots

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