How to tell if a person is lying by their gestures

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There are different ways to realise when a person is hiding something from us and even when they are not telling us the truth. When we tell the truth, we do not have to make too much effort to remember and express what happened, however, when we are going to tell a lie, our brain has to make an extra effort to hide it from the other person and to create that fictitious story that we are going to tell.

In this article, we are going to let you know how to tell if a person is lying by their gestures, as well as offer you information about the attitudes that a liar normally has.

How to tell if someone is lying by their eyes

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and when it comes to identifying if a friend is fake and lying or not, the expression and movement of their eyes can tell us a lot about it.

For example, when a person prefers not to look you in the eye when they are telling you something, they try to avoid your gaze , lower it, and look at everyone except you. This is a great indicator that that person is indeed lying to you. On the other hand, it has been found, and this is something that is widely used in neurolinguistic programming, that people who look to the right when they are telling you something are telling the truth, however, when they look to the left, it can be a great indicator that he is lying.

But why does this happen? What happens is that the information we want to obtain is found in different areas of our brain. For example, the area where information about events that happened to us in the past is stored is different from the area where we consciously want to create new information. which in this case, would be a lie. This is why we tend to look at different places when we are trying to communicate something. It may also be that a person who normally does not have any nervous tics begins to do one with his eyes, whether he closes and opens them constantly or that his look is very different, which is better perceived if we know that person well beforehand. .

Attitudes of the person lying

Although a person tends to lie frequently, unless they are an expert in the subject or in the art of acting, we can usually predict it in a relatively simple way if we have enough knowledge of how to do it.

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However, despite this, we can never affirm 100% that that person is really lying since it is something more subjective, and we have to analyze their entire context in general beforehand. Here we presene the most common attitudes of a liar:

  • They tend to be slow in terms of their speech since, while they are preparing it they are also thinking about what they are going to say next.
  • They repeat the questions you ask them a lot to give themselves more time to work out the lie.
  • They speak in many roundabout ways, , they tend not to be very direct as to what they want to communicate.
  • They can often correct themselves as they tell different stories to each person, so they often don’t remember what they’ve said in the past.
  • When they are asked something in particular , they do not give a specific answer, they try to confuse the person who is asking them the question to end up answering something other than what was asked or simply not answering and they try to go off on a tangent .

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Signs that someone is lying

Currently, there are several studies that have shown how we can detect if a person is lying solely through their gestures. It is clear that in most cases non-verbal communication can express more than verbal communication, and it is easier to analyze a person through this type of communication and not based solely on what he says.

  • Changes in body posture. When they are telling you what they want to communicate and especially when they are realizing that you might fall for their lie, they abruptly change their body posture. For example, they may be sitting with their legs open and cross them quickly, start stroking their hair, close their arms, etc.
  • Changes in tone of voice. The tone of voice is another extremely important factor when it comes to detecting a lie. When a person lies, the moment they start to do so, their tone of voice changes considerably, it may be that they begin to speak with many pauses, that their voice breaks, that their tone of voice rises or falls, etc. .
  • That his gestures do not match what he says. It may be that when the person is telling you the lie, in this case, his gestures do not match what he is communicating to you. For example, a person who claims to feel sad about some situation or upset but his facial and even body gestures show the opposite, that he is relaxed and calm.
  • Blushing. This often happens to people who are not used to lying and try to do so. So it may be that when the person approaches you to tell you the lie (if it is a lie) he begins to blush.
  • rigid posture. When someone lies, they are generally not going to be relaxed, so their obvious body stiffness can be a great indicator that they are lying to us.

This article is merely informative, we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to see a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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