Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

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Are you thinking of changing the curtains in your living room? Before making a decision, take a look at the curtain trends for 2024, and choose the ones that best suit the windows in your room! Take note and get to work decorating your living room by dressing the curtains in the most beautiful and modern way for next year, which is just around the corner!

Choosing the correct curtains to decorate and dress the windows of our living room is not an easy task, we know it! These are accessories that, on many occasions, are somewhat expensive, and that need to be beautiful, timeless and, above all, resistant.

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If we do not protect our curtains well from the sun’s rays and heat, they will soon end up burning and tearing. This is a problem and a major mistake because it will be as if we had thrown away the money we had invested in them.

In this article, we are going to focus on curtains. Not only in the tips and tricks to make them last a long time.

Take note and get to work knowing different models, fabrics and combinations to choose the best curtains for the living room.

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curtain with the perfect wave

The plank curtain is no longer popular, and although it is still a sure hit because it will never look bad, the truth is that the perfect wave curtains are much more fashionable, and they will be one of the trends for 2024.

image7 Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

Curtains with a lot of falls

Long curtains with a lot of drop and weight down will also be a trend for 2024.

image5 Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

linen curtains

Linen has been a fashionable material in recent years and will continue to be so next year. Linen is a natural and beautiful material, so it is a great idea to decorate the house and dress the windows in the living room with it.

In addition, now we can find it combined with different materials so that it does not wrinkle so much, which could be said to be the only drawback of linen.

image9-1 Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

Normal curtains and colored blackout curtains

This combination has also been a trend for several days, and we will find it again in the next year 2024.

image2-e1691004118824 Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

Combining normal curtains (or perfect wave) in white with opaque colored curtains (in shades of purple, blue, grey…) is a very original way of decorating the windows of the living room, giving it a much more elegant and beautiful touch.

image4 Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

Japanese panels: The most special curtains for the living room

If you are looking to give a different touch to your living room and decorate it in a beautiful and modern way, another great option is Japanese panels. Japanese panels consist of two or more curtains that circulate independently on a track.

They open on one side or the other and in doing so they overlap one curtain or board on top of the other.

Japanese panels will be very fashionable to decorate the living room in 2024.

 Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

Combined curtains and blinds

This very special and different combination from what we were used to until now will also be a great trend in 2024.

Linen or opaque curtains on the sides, combined with a blind made of some finer and looser natural fabric, as the main piece, will create a modern and very welcoming environment in your living room.

image3 Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

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What if I have a cat? Curtains or blinds?

If you are thinking of dressing the windows of the living room but you have cats at home, you have to adapt the fashions and trends to the situation in your home.

In this regard, short curtains have been used for the living room for many years. If you have cats and want to decorate the living room following the latest trends, the best thing to do is blinds.

The blinds are stronger and shorter, and folding them is much easier and makes it difficult for cats to access and scratch and snag them.

For the living room, the trend in blinds is in smooth fabrics, natural fabrics (such as linen, which is also a trend in blinds) and little or no print.

image8 Living room curtains: Trends for 2024

We hope you liked the next 2024 living room curtain trends! Take advantage of the fact that there is still time and take a look at the ones that you like the most.

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