Morning Routine for Students: Start Classes with Energy

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Daily routines, although they sound derogatory to us, well-carried and planned healthy, and provide great benefits. Especially if you are a university student because you have to deal with moments that can generate high levels of stress, such as exam stages. We refer to these as good healthy habits, procedures that will help us deal with situations that we are not used to. In this case, we want to offer you a morning routine for students and some good guidelines for creating a morning routine for students that helps make the day go as long as possible without exhausting ourselves.

The importance of a morning routine for students

We have already introduced it: routine is not equal to discipline, but it is to good habits that will help us so that the hours of the day do not weigh. The race to get through the course should not be torture: it should be a flat path where everything has a place, both study, leisure and rest.

For this reason, planning our schedules when we need it the most can help us to accommodate precisely everything we need in the day… And for this, the base must be established from the moment we start the day: the morning.

It is said with good reason that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what morning habits should we accompany it with to start a great day?

Activities for a morning routine for students

Wake up calmlybruce-mars-wBuPCQiweuA-unsplash Morning Routine for Students: Start Classes with Energy

There are students with nocturnal habits and other daytime ones, but whatever type we are, the key to the first minutes of the day is that we take them easily. This means that, if we have a class or activity scheduled at X time, we wake up with enough time to be able to go to the appointment calmly, relaxed, and without rushing.

And what time is the right time to wake up? Like any question that causes debate, there are studies for it, which determine the time slot from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., such as the optimal morning time. Does it mean that we will not give up if instead of getting up at that time, we do it at 10, 11, 12 or even later than noon? Obviously, everything depends on the hours of sleep, and there is unanimity that the optimal thing is to sleep a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 hours, with 7 being the ideal.

Does it mean that, if we are not nocturnal, getting up between 5 and 7 guarantees us to perform much better? For this we must be very clear about why we get up at X hour. There is no point in getting up early at 5 in the morning to spend an hour or two yawning and just wandering around. On the other hand, it does make perfect sense if getting up early allows us to take a shower calmly, have everything we should have for breakfast and go to our study center calmly, and even walking. For this reason, the morning routine for students begins just the night before when we determine what time to sleep to meet the minimum of 6 or 7 hours, and when we determine what we will do as soon as we wake up.

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Have breakfast with energy

brooke-lark-nBtmglfY0HU-unsplash-scaled-e1683203942791 Morning Routine for Students: Start Classes with Energy

Another key to the ideal morning routine for students is based on breakfast. It is not about making the cliché “eat breakfast like a king” a reality, but that we can really have breakfast in conditions without involving extra effort. By this, we mean that there are those who get up and are ready to have a good breakfast. Others, however, do not see themselves in a position to take a whole banquet of vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients and mistakenly wait until mid-morning to do so.

If you are one of the latter, simply adjust your waking time so that you can take the time necessary for your body to ask you for the “necessary gasoline” to face the first hours of the morning and you can calmly give it to it. Do a little exercise beforehand (without overexertion, you’re fasting), read, check the news… The key to making your morning routine work is that you enjoy these first few minutes without rushing.

And what should a good full and energetic breakfast consist of? Starting with a glass of water is always flattering, remember that the body is made up of between 65-75% water, so hydration is of vital importance. In addition to various and delicious combinations for a good breakfast for the student, there is an infallible trident that will give us everything we need: whole grains (avoid ultra-processed ones full of sugars), a dairy product (it can be a yogurt, milk or cheese) and a fruit (preferably not in juice, since in this way we do without skin and pulp, where the vast majority of the fruit’s nutrients are found). Ingredients are well arranged and available in the Residencia Sarrià’s breakfast buffet, so you don’t waste time in the morning preparing it.

Do exercise

jonathan-borba-lrQPTQs7nQQ-unsplash Morning Routine for Students: Start Classes with Energy

If we have not previously done so, after breakfast an hour of physical activity will reactivate us and prepare us to face any challenge. Going for a run if the day is good will also give us positive energy and a good mood. If we don’t enjoy running or the weather isn’t good, we can go to the sports center and do one of its scheduled activities or swim on our own. Don’t forget to wear suitable sportswear and footwear, as well as drink water before, during, and 

The key, therefore, is that we have time before starting classes, enough time to reactivate ourselves, and begin to face all the activities of the day clear-headed and with clear ideas. Without a doubt, a well-established and exercised morning routine can generate optimal results in your health and well-being as a university student as well as in your personal life.

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