Morning Routine: How to Properly implement your Morning Routine

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A good morning ritual allows you to start the day on the right foot, to take the time to stretch, to prepare a smoothie, or even a balanced breakfast. All this before starting the day’s work. Getting your day off to a good start means getting up early. As soon as the alarm clock rings, you have to put yourself in a positive state of mind. This morning routine has a real impact on our organization and our well-being. How to properly implement your morning routine?

Starting on the right foot is in vogue due to the awareness of its importance in our daily lives. That’s why you need to prepare the morning routine that suits you! As you can see, this has many advantages. Indeed, the positive impacts on your life will be almost instantaneous.

Introduction to morning routine 

Also called morning routine or miracle morning, the morning routine is on the rise in personal development manuals.

 History of the morning routine 

Morning rituals have existed since the dawn of time. 

However, Hal Elrod‘s book Miracle Morning (2012) helped bring the value of the morning routine out of the limelight. 

Note that the morning routine is also the prerogative of personalities such as Tony Robbins or Tim Ferriss.

The morning routine, what is it? 

It’s not just about getting up earlier, but about getting up “better” and initiating improvements: 

  • In terms of health: physical activities, balanced diet, etc.
  • At the intellectual level: learning a language for example, etc.
  • On the spiritual level:  meditation, yoga, etc.

These factors help create the morning routine ritual that’s right for you.

You can therefore ask yourself the question of the morning routine as far as you are concerned.  Rituals allow you to create a habit, and only habit will allow you to be “efficient” in the long term. 

  • The benefits sought by your morning routine 
  • Your ideal morning routine (combination of pleasure and productivity)
  • Creation of morning routines to test/improve / iterate

 Your morning routine is yours 

The morning routine is unique to you, and it is necessary to follow these few tips to set it up optimally.

The morning routine & your personality

There is no such thing as a morning routine, but as many morning routines as there are people. Morning routines are unique to everyone. So, it is important to know yourself, to understand what is your personality and what is the rhythm of your biological clock. This is to establish the best possible morning routine (the one that suits you).

What is your objective? 

As we have pointed out, there are three main factors of routines: physical, intellectual, and spiritual

The anti-stress morning routine

Your morning routine goal may be to soothe your level of anxiety, for example, related to an important meeting, a team presentation, or a meeting… waking up with a yoga or meditation session can clearly help you feel better. and start your day off right. 

The morning routine to develop a skill

Your morning routine might consist of continuing to write your manuscript, learning a language, and reading a novel you’re passionate about… put your breakfast to work and make your plans part of your morning ritual. 

The morning routine to “be good in your body”

A morning routine that helps support your well-being might be to start with a cold shower. 

Too aggressive? Incorporate strength exercises, stretching, cardio, or other physical activity. 

You can incorporate a sports ritual into your morning routine, and eat a balanced breakfast before heading to the office. 

Of course, these rituals will depend on the time you have and your goals. For example, you can completely integrate the physical dimension into the intellectual factor.


What are your priorities during the morning routine?

Your time is running out. This is especially true in the morning. This is why you will have to make choices (and therefore concessions). 

Water, and more water

If you are prone to headaches, prioritize hydration, for example, and drink a large glass of water when you wake up. 

The power of stretching

Trouble waking up? Prefer stretching for 3 min. Stretching is great for flexibility and support. They promote energy boost. 

Do physical activity in the morning

Many followers of the morning routine have become fervent initiates to all types of physical activity. Playing sports to start your day also encourages an increase in energy levels and this allows the release of endorphins, well known to be the hormone of happiness. 

You can also reconcile this routine with your means of transport: bicycle, rollerblades, scooter, etc. Alternative transport is a real fashion phenomenon!

Also, playing sports can consist of going for a walk for ten minutes before driving to the company you work for. 

The cold shower 

Is your health your priority? The cold shower is not only a great way to wake you up, but more importantly, a method to promote blood circulation

Yoga and meditation

Starting the day well and starting the day gently through meditation is quite possible. This allows, in the manner of yoga and because of the breathing exercises, to start the day well, because it is a question of waking up your body with benevolence. 

Persuasion exercises

Getting the day off to a good start can mean conditioning yourself as soon as you wake up. There’s nothing like practicing persuasion exercises. This allows you to wake up your body as well as your mind through positive thoughts (in the mirror: “I am the best!”). 

Tidying up

Some people are prone to cleaning in the morning. Beyond being more productive with your day-to-day organization, tidying up and cleaning up is a great way to relax, free your thoughts, and ease anxiety. 

Foster learning

Open the book of your desires, learn a language, listen to the news, recorded shows, podcasts… You can take advantage of your morning routine to escape, learn or create

Waking up and walking would stimulate our creativity. 

Thus, the morning routine allows you to “do yourself good” as soon as you wake up and to be proud of your accomplishments. 

It’s about being “  the best version of yourself  ” every day and therefore every morning, thanks to the implementation of your morning routine.

What I don’t want to do in the morning

Your morning routine can integrate “new elements”, but also remove others. Thus, you can decide not to watch television, to replace coffee with tea, or even not to check your emails.

sunrise time

Defining your morning routine requires knowing how much time you have to stick to it. Thus, you will be able to define what you can do in the morning and what you cannot do (due to lack of time). 

Beyond office hours and transport time, it is necessary to know your biological clock

Some morning routines start at 5:30 a.m. and others at 8 a.m. It’s up to you and what you want to incorporate into your morning routine. 

You can choose to get up 1 hour earlier to play sports or 15 minutes earlier to be able to meditate. 

Eventually, it allows you to develop abilities, a skill, or improve your health.

So, define your ritual and then anticipate your wake-up time accordingly.

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Getting up earlier means going to bed earlier. You must respect a quota of hours of sleep in order to carry out your ritual.

Also, you can accompany your awakening thanks to the anticipation of your ritual for the next day. 

For example, you can prepare your gym bag, your clothes (yoga, cardio), or your whole meal breakfast for the next day.


The simplicity of the morning routine

Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially if you’re “not a morning person”. For example, you can plan to get up at 7 a.m., drink a large glass of water, do some stretching, and eat your breakfast prepared the day before. 

And “there, my day begins, because I followed my routine”. For some, this type of ritual can allow you not to run after time, quite simply. 

Perhaps incorporating meditation exercises, showing your gratitude to the sun, and suffering under a cold shower would not be relevant if you need a good two hours to emerge.


Conclusion on the morning routine – what are the benefits? 

The benefits of the morning routine are numerous. Start your day, it’s already the guarantee of having a good day. By getting up (a little earlier), this allows you, for example, to do meditation, to check your emails (or not), to play sports… in short, to get off to a good start  !

Thus, the morning routine becomes a ritual and you save time on time, have a productive day. It gives you both a smile and a good mood. A boon!


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