Nicole Kidman sets Instagram on fire after showing off her incredible toned legs at 55

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The actress shares her most sensual pose on social networks with a ‘total look’ in navy blue by Chanel perfect for the night with which she boasts an incredible figure and toned legs.

Nicole Kidman is a muse on and off the screen. The Australian is considered one of the best actresses in Hollywood, as well as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and the truth is not surprising. At 55 years old , the interpreter is as spectacular as she was when she began her professional career, and it is well known to all that she has an intense physical exercise routine to maintain her incredible figure.

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Thus, the actress boasted of good results on her Instagram profile with one of her hottest poses with a “total look” in navy blue signed by Chanel that, apart from being a very elegant outfit, emphasized the spectacular figure of Kidman and, above all, her very long and toned legs of a heart attack.

Nicole Kidman’s super toned legs at 55

The set consisted of a tweed ‘blazer’ and matching shorts that she combined with semi-transparent black tights that perfectly completed her stylistic proposal. Goodbye debate on whether you mean yes or no, thanks Nicole.

The Australian knows that she is a worldwide icon and she does not feel any qualms about continuing to maintain that privileged position, not only with her best clothes for the red carpets – but also in her outfits for day to day, or in this case for the night .

“Legs from here to there, like her film career stretching from Australia to Hollywood”; “Okay, please and thank you. Goddess” ; “And many people breathed their last breath” … As expected, the photo managed to win over thousands and thousands of followers around the world, and they did not hesitate to show it to the actress through more than a million followers. I like you and thousands of comments. Simply spectacular.



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