Studying From Home: 5 Keys to Success

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent confinement, led to a change in the way of conducting university life. The situation continues and there are many students who, this course, have had to adapt to video calls instead of attending classes in person.

Everything has its pros and cons, but it is true that being at home, in some way, can lead to more distractions, less planning of academic work routines, or a false sense of control when you are leaving your life behind for a bit. career.

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If this is your situation, here are the five keys to success when studying from home .

Top 5 tips to study at home without losing productivity

  1. Everything is easier if we are organized. Good planning is essential to achieve your academic goals , since the fact of not having fixed class schedules will make it difficult for you to acquire a routine. Being organized will help you be more productive in your studies and invest your time better. To do this, you can use an agenda or notebook where you write down what tasks you are going to hand in each day and when you are going to study. The best thing is that you always do it at the same time, because that way you will get used to it and acquire a habit like the one you would have if you went to the university in person.unseen-studio-s9CC2SKySJM-unsplash Studying From Home: 5 Keys to Success
  2. Stay away from screens while you study . One of the most common distractions in the 21st century is the mobile, although so are other electronic devices. Therefore, keep your mobile phone silent, turned off or away from you when you are studying. Also, do not turn on the television or use the computer for any purpose other than academic. If you receive calls or messages that are not urgent, it is better to wait and answer them when you finish studying. In the meantime, make sure that the only use you will make of the technology will be for university support purposes.
  3. Take breaks. Stopping from time to time during study time will help you clear your mind and regain strength, especially at exam time. In the same way that you should plan when you are going to study, it is a good idea to think about when you are going to stop. The rule of studying for 50 minutes and taking 10-minute breaks before returning to the subject may be useful to you.trent-erwin-UgA3Xvi3SkA-unsplash Studying From Home: 5 Keys to Success
  4. Always study in the same place . Many students find it helpful to do their homework in the same place each day. If this is your case, do not hesitate. If you concentrate better in a library, go to it and try to repeat this routine every day. In the case of staying in a University Residence, you can count on the facilities with a computer area, rooms for architecture, design,… that you can use to work better.
  5. Keep the record . Being constant is the ultimate key to meeting your goals. It is not something that is achieved overnight. With the repetition of the habits, little by little you will find the best place and the best hours to be productive.rafay-ansari-rimgdHH0I_E-unsplash Studying From Home: 5 Keys to Success.

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