The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair 2024

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Are you looking for long-hair hairstyles for men? If so, you are in the right place. In this post we will present you some tips and trends of hairstyles for men with long hair in 2024.

If you’re tired of always wearing your hair down or pulling it up in a quick ponytail to keep it out of your face, we have a few ideas for you. We want to help you make your look more varied and adapt to your needs at any time.

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Surely on many occasions, you have stopped to think if long hair favors you or you are better with short hair. In addition, it may be that you do not have much time to dedicate to your hairstyle and choose to make a low ponytail to keep the hair away from your face. However, we must tell you that it is not the style of ponytail that we can recommend, since it is not flattering at all.

Next, we will show you some examples of hairstyles for men with long hair that you can try in 2024. These hairstyles will allow you to change your look in a simple way, without having to cut your precious hair. In addition, you will be fashionable and ready for any occasion.

Long hair in men is it a trend?

You may think that having long hair as a man is not as easy as for women, since they have millions of hairstyle options to choose from and men are more limited. However, men with long hair also have many possibilities when it comes to styling, as much or more than women.

The men’s hairstyle with long hair continues to be a trend in the year 2024, standing out as a versatile and modern style option. This trend has been strengthening in recent years, and for this season, it is expected that men will continue to bet on showing off long and well-groomed hair.

One of the main trends in hairstyles for men with long hair in 2024 is the loose and carefree style. It is all about letting the hair fall naturally over the shoulders, creating a relaxed and casual look. This look can be achieved with subtle layers and a proper cut that allows for fluid movement of the hair.

Another popular option is the slicked back, where the hair is gathered at the back of the head. This style brings an elegant and sophisticated look, ideal for more formal occasions. To achieve this, products such as waxes or pomades can be used to give hair texture and hold.

Likewise, the braided hairstyle for men with long hair has gained popularity in 2024. Braids can be an excellent option to give a creative and original touch to the look. From simple braids to more elaborate styles, there are a wide variety of options to choose from.

What are the best long hairstyles for men?


The wet look hairstyle for men is a carefree look that is perfect for any occasion. To have a wet effect you must apply gel to the hair and comb it all back. It will also be perfect if your hair is not excessively long.

Tip: Do not squash or weigh down the top of the head too much as the volume in this area is much more flattering.


The semi-collected hairstyle for men is a hairstyle model for those who do not see themselves with their hair fully collected, but do not like their hair to go to their faces. 

To create an ideal semi-collected hairstyle, divide your hair into two strands, one on each side, and pull them back and up. Leave the back loose. Secure them with a hair tie, but do not remove all the hair in the last turn you give it, to leave a bow.

If you want a more hipster look, toss your bangs to the side and pick out a few small strands from the front to get this look.

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We know what you are thinking, a sophisticated updo like women is impossible to adapt to a man. From his point of view, you’re right, we’re not talking about an elaborate bow, he’s more of a carefree and casual bow :

If you want to do a men’s updo, make a high ponytail with all your hair, leaving it rather loose and hollow, especially at the front and above. As we explained for the semi-collected man, but this time taking all the hair. Do the same step, when you make the last turn of the rubber band, do not pull out the entire ponytail so that there is a bow. Hollow out a strand for a more casual look and there you have the version of the up-do for men.

A very modern, sexy hairstyle that will bring out all your attractiveness.

image2-8-e1689448193289-1024x315 The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair 2024


Braids have always been very good allies when it comes to creating hairstyles for women, but do you dare try a more daring and radical hairstyle? As for braids for men, you can give free rein to your imagination; we recommend the following:

Divide your head into 3 strands, leave the upper one attached for now with a clip or ponytail, and later we will play with it. Now divide one of the sides into two sections, to later make a root braid from the temple to almost reach the nape. Repeat this on the other side. Now that you have four root braids on the sides, unite the top lock with the one on the sides and make a collection with all the hair, as we explained in the previous hairstyle.

Another option would be to make a root braid starting from the forehead, the entire top of the head, until reaching the top and back of the head, in which we either make a bow or continue the normal braid. until you reach the end of the hair.


This type of hairstyle is for those who do not like to wear all their hair up, in a bun. To make a semi-collected with a man’s braid, you must make a high ponytail, taking all the hair to the top and back of the head, as centered as possible. Place a hair tie that holds all the hair and from there begin to make a normal braid.

Reattach the end of the braid with another rubber band and there you have it! A different and chic semi-collected.

LOW Ponytail Hairstyle for Men

Sometimes the basics work, and in this case, it does. To achieve the elegant and sophisticated look created by the low ponytail for men, you will need to wax your hair at the front, in this way you will prevent the strands from falling out or frizzing. Choose if you want to part in the middle or directly all the hair slicked back. Hold it with a thin hair tie, and be ready to leave the house.

image1-6-e1689448168628-1024x312 The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair 2024


From our perspective, the high ponytail for men is more flattering. With a high ponytail, we are going to give volume to the top of the head. Gather all the hair to the middle of the head, above the nape of the neck and leave all the volume at the top.

Tip: If you tease the bottom part a bit and cover the tease with front strands, you will give much more volume.


The updo with a ponytail for men is the hairstyle that Beckham wore for many years, the classic ponytail with the rest of the hair loose. In addition to being a classic hairstyle, it will never go out of style, because of how good it feels and how easy it is to do.

Collect all your hair from the front in a high ponytail, better if you do not crush it and leave volume. Leave the rest of the hair down and your unkempt look is done.

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The waves and the volume in a man will give you a surfer-style hairstyle. To do this, if you have straight hair, you should learn to use hair styling tools such as irons. Mark a soft and natural wave.

If, on the contrary, you do not have an iron, a tip that we give you is that with wet hair, make wide braids all over your head at night, You will see that when you undo them in the morning, you will have a look with waves and volume, which you should treat with an anti-frizz curly product to look perfect all day.

image3-8-e1689448104973-1024x315 The 10 Best Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair 2024


We are aware that throughout this post we have emphasized that this 2024 hairstyle takes volume, which is why if you have straight hair, you should layer your hair in order to achieve volume.

We hope that this summary of the 10 hairstyles for men with long hair has served to inspire you in your day to day. 

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