The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

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The world of hair fashion continues to evolve, bringing forth a plethora of exciting and trendy haircuts. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change or a subtle refresh, these modern and current haircuts are sure to inspire and elevate your style. From short and chic to long and voluminous, hairstylists are pushing boundaries and reinventing classic looks with innovative techniques and unique twists. In this article, we will explore the 20 most fashionable and current haircuts that are set to dominate the hair scene in 2023 and beyond. Get ready to discover the perfect hairstyle that will enhance your individuality and keep you ahead of the fashion curve.

1. Modern and current haircuts: Bob classic

1-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

There are looks that vary little or not at all, this is the case with the classic bob cuts , which will not change throughout the year. “It is a cut that favors all types of face and suitable for all types of age. we recommend wearing it loose, elegant and marked , with a slight fall that offers us ease towards the face, and we can give it more movement with a broken wave with different lines in the cut without breaking its essence”.

2. Modern and current haircuts: Long bob

2-683x1024 The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

The cut called long bob, which is the one that goes to the height of the clavicle, is going to experience a huge variation. “This year we are looking for volume and texture,” says the stylist Fran Galán. In this case, “the cut is worked with layers, but long layers so as not to break the line, looking for freshness, movement and volume.” In addition, you can add curtain bangs. “The result will be a cut that accepts multiple hairstyles, waves, smooth, or can be left to dry naturally.” It is the perfect look for those who want a comfortable cut.

3. Modern and current haircuts: Nape Bob

Nape-Bob-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

The nape bob is a very flattering, feminine and sophisticated straight cut at the nape of the neck. “It’s a fantastic ally for elongating and beautifying the neckline and an extremely comfortable and adaptable option for both straight and curly and wavy hair. And a great bet as one of the haircuts that give volume for women with fine hair because it generates a lot of volume and movement”. Get that beautiful effect of leaving the nape uncovered: “to do this, an interior triangle is worked on the back that achieves the effect of the hair standing up a bit at the back.” reflections sunlight very subtle, they are the perfect complement because they provide light and three-dimensionality.

4. Modern and current haircuts: New Shag

sanchez--758x1024 The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

In recent years, the shaggy always enters the list of short hairstyles that are trending, and this year was not going to be less. Of course, it is renewed and travels through time, reminding a lot of the 70s and 90s. It is a cut with a straight base , but worked with a razor, to break its line and leave that feeling of hair with movement and a feather effect. , with long bangsas an inseparable companion. Natural waves and dynamic movement become the highlights of this shag, which works well with most hair textures and face shapes, and will be at its best with curlier locks with long bangs or a straight bang. curtain. It even admits shorter bangs to give it a more 90s touch. He looks better on light hair or with highlights and reflections. A piece of advice: “it is advisable to renew the cut and color every 6 weeks to maintain that fresh air and its characteristic movement.”

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5. Modern and current haircuts: Boysh with a quiff

boyish-682x1024 The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

One of those short, modern and trending haircuts. It is a pixie cut that is absolutely charged with femininity and a unique character thanks to a very marked volume on the top of the head and a very rocky and unstructured quiff turned into pure glamour. It can be adapted to almost all types of face, since “you can play with the volumes to compensate where necessary. Of course, the best way to look is with straight hair.”

6. Very Short Boy

garcon-6-683x1024 The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

The ‘shorter short’ becomes ultra-feminine in this cut that can be customised to the millimetre to suit any feature. For this, we work with a knife all around and with scissors on the inside. Once dry, it is completely sculpted again to adapt it perfectly to the texture of the hair. It can be adapted to almost all types, although those that are too round, very angular or square must be studied very carefully, according to the expert.

7. Modern and current haircuts: Choppy Bob

chopped-bob7-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

One of the 30 bob haircuts that are trending and look good. This is an updated bob that comes to life when the straight-bottom, chin-length cut is joined by a razor cut that starts below the nose and works its way down to meet the sides, giving it lots of movement. to the hair. At the same time, the neck is worked with a razor to give more body to the ensemble. It is a perfect cut for oval faces , also for elongated ones, because it visually shortens them. Of course, in round faces you have to study the shape very well and in any case, work on a lateral movement to compensate for it.

8. Modern and current haircuts: Hime Cut

himecut-8-887x1024 The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

It is one of the hair trends in the spring-summer of 2023. This cut, inspired by Japan (reminiscent of the manga aesthetic), brings all the originality of the exotic, and can be adapted to both long and medium length hair, as long as it is long enough to create a contrast in length. Combine two types of cut in the same hair, longer at the back and shorter on the sides up to the cheeks or beyond the chin. It is ideal for straight hair and can be worn with or without bangs. “In the case of incorporating it, we will be able to create a new unevenness. In addition, the color can highlight your unusual silhouette by applying it to a specific area.

9. Modern and current haircuts: Mane Midi

9-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

The mythical midi length is perfect for when you’re tired of the bob cut or you want to wear it long, but not that long. The height between the clavicle and the chest is perfect. We are going to bet on a subtle weathering and lightly unload the end area, achieving movement without excessively emptying the hair. With density, but with a breath of fresh air. Thinking of subtracting inches from your hair? The medium length is counted among beautiful and elegant haircuts to cleanse the hair.

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10. Modern and current haircuts: Mane XXL

10-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

Next year we will continue to see cuts for long hair and XXL hair, always with volume, a little disheveled and with waves, to avoid the monotony of long straight hair, like those of Jennifer López, Kim Kardashian, Kaia Gerber or Gigi Hadid. And if you dare to give it a different touch: for those XXL long hair who refuse layers, but want a renewed look, we recommend including a fringe disconnected from the long hair.

11. Trendy Trendy Haircuts: Male Pixies

11-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

The new pixies are now called pixie boysh because they have a more masculine air. They mimic a boy’s cut as if we’ve grown it out, creating more texture, messiness and a more carefree look. They are also combed back with volume or worked with gel for a more sophisticated finish.  

12. Modern and current haircuts: Wavy shag

12-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

For those who are lucky enough to have curly or wavy hair, a good option is to wear a wavy shag. In other words, “a layered haircut and bangs that leave our faces clear. This look will give us a non-conformist, casual air and, above all, it is super easy to style.

13. Trendy Trendy Haircuts: Baby Bangs

13-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

Bangs are like rock & roll, they never die. And this year they are shorter, in the Daphne style of the Bridgerton that Netflix made so popular. It is the technique of the baby bang in its greatest essence: straight, carefree, smooth and glued to the forehead. The best thing is that we can adapt it to any cut”, comments the stylist of The Beauty Concept Hair.

14. Trendy Trendy Haircuts: Swag 067

14-jpeg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

It is the haircut of one of the protagonists of one of the best Korean Netflix series, The Squid Game, Kang Sae-Byeok, contestant 067, hence its name. Actually, she’s the swag of a lifetime, but with a twist. The 067 swag stands out for its casual air and studiedly disheveled, with frayed ends that give it a certain androgynous air, between feminine and masculine. The key?  Weathering with feathered tips: “leaving the upper area very emptied to create volume without obtaining a helmet effect in the upper area”, points out the expert. The best: it fits almost any type of face(angled, fine, wide) and is perfect for fine hair, as it provides volume and movement.

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15. Trendy Ongoing Haircuts: Soft-Mullet

15-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

This course takes the softened version of the mullet, the soft mullet, “with short layers that stylize the skull and add volume to the upper and lateral area. Is it for everyone? Yes. “It is suitable for all hair types, since it is a matter of weathering and giving volume with very feathered or blunt layers, and thus subtracting volume just from the length area.

16. Modern and current haircuts: Wolf bob or Wolf cut

16-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

The wolf bob is a cut with bangs with many layers toned down that frame the face, in order to obtain a lot of volume at the top and less density at the nape of the neck. It’s the usual mullet, but cut with the intention of getting extra volume and suitable for wavy or curly hair (as is shaggy, which it also thrives on). Of course, although it looks better on oval faces, “if you tilt the bangs, it adapts perfectly to round or square faces.”

17. Modern and current haircuts: French Bob

17-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

French women like Taylor LaShae know how to save time and the French bob is her favorite cut because it is ‘effortless’ and a kind of ‘wild card’ cut that will help you get out of trouble. Somewhat shorter, it does not give in to smoothing and is combined with open bangs that define the hairstyle. Of course, it is shorter and the frontal layers are slightly above the jaw. It especially favors square, oval faces and is one of the best haircuts for women with round faces. Those with perfectly contoured jaws should also consider this cut. And it is the best resource for wavy or semi-wavy hair and even those with a tendency to frizz.

18. Modern and current haircuts: Jagged bob

18-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

It is a paraded bob with locks marked with an iron. When cutting it, it should be done dry. The result is better on blonde hair, even extra-light blondes like the new platinum blonde Ivory, since “the contrasts created by the waves stand out more.” As for face types, only those that are excessively long or thin should refrain.

19. Modern and current haircuts: Clavicut

19-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

The clavicut is a layered, maxi-volume haircut. It stays at the height of the clavicle, hence its name, the secret of which is that it is a defined medium length hair with a lot of movement. It seems like a very classic option, but it looks great when it is dressed with some movement. In addition, it favors all types of faces and hair. Perhaps the very short ones should refrain and opt for shorter hair. A piece of advice: you have to avoid the ‘color block’ and accompany the cut with coloring work “like babylights that add depth, and contouring that favors the areas of the face that stand out.”

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20. Modern and current haircuts: Bixie

20-jpg The 20 Most Fashionable and Current Haircuts of 2023/2024

Halfway between the bob and the pixie, in the 90s it caused a sensation and its best representatives were Meg Ryan, Winona Rayder and Linda Evangelista. The condition is that it is longer than a conventional pixie, but that it does not reach the length of a bob beyond the jaw line. The best: favors everyone. “Because it doesn’t require a single style, texture or length, it can be adapted to any face and hair type and is one of the most flattering cuts out there.

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