The best dresses for a daytime wedding and be the perfect guest

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Do you have a daytime wedding coming up and don’t know what dress to buy? Pay close attention to aspects related to the protocol of this type of event and the outfits that we propose.

We make a selection of dresses that are trendy and respect the protocol for a daytime wedding. Of course, do not forget that the important thing is that you are comfortable with the choice. Take note!

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According to the National Institute of Statistics, marriages are most common between April and October. Especially in July and September, followed by June, October, and May.

Bearing in mind that choosing the ideal look can cause us numerous headaches, we are going to make a selection of the best cocktail dresses for a daytime wedding. Of course, before seeing the dresses that we propose, we need to know what the protocol is. Because, as you well know, it is not the same that the wedding is celebrated during the day as it is at night. Let’s go with it!

What to take into account when choosing day wedding dresses

garment type

One of the first things that we must take into account if we have been invited to a daytime wedding is that we have to forget about long dresses. We leave long dresses for those who have an important role in the celebration, that is, the godmother or the bridesmaid.

If you will not be the godmother or the bridesmaid, you should opt for a midi-cut dress, pants, jumpsuit or jacket suit.


In addition to knowing that in a daytime wedding the ideal, in case of choosing a dress as a garment, is to wear a midi-cut dress, it is important to know what colors fit perfectly with this type of event.

It should be noted that, as the experts indicate, light colors absorb less heat. That said, and taking into account that between the months of July and September is when there are a greater number of this type of event, we understand that, if we have been invited to a daytime wedding during these months, we should wear lighter colors than in winter. You can opt for pastel colors or more strident colors, but nothing to choose a whole black or white dress.

Event type

The type of garment, the color and, attention, when choosing a dress for a wedding we must also take into account the type of event, that is, it is not the same as the wedding being held outside a restaurant or indoors, or make it a more traditional wedding or less.

marcel-strauss-kDjYrYf9gAQ-unsplash-1024x683 The best dresses for a daytime wedding and be the perfect guest

Depending on the type of event, we will opt for a more or less serious and formal dress.


The last of the aspects that must be taken into account, but not least, is the choice of accessories. More specifically of the wallets or bag. As the protocol indicates, no large bags. You can opt for a wallet or clutch, handbag, that matches your dress, and you’ll look great!

Once we know the protocol that we must respect if we have been invited to a wedding that is celebrated during the day, we go with the selection of cocktail dresses for daytime weddings. Do not lose detail!

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The best cocktail dresses for daytime weddings

In line with what we have previously mentioned, if we opt for the dress option, it is important that we keep in mind that a midi-cut dress is an ideal garment for a daytime wedding. A dress with a medium length, that is, it reaches above the ankles and below the knees.

Plain midi dress

Our second selection is a Zara dress with a V-neck and puffed sleeves. Its green color makes it a perfect option for those months in which the weather is good, but the temperatures are not yet very high. It has a crossover knot detail, hem with a side slit, back closure with a wide slit and a button in the same color as the dress. Precious!

Plain-midi-dress The best dresses for a daytime wedding and be the perfect guest

Strap sleeve midi dress

If you prefer a dress with short sleeves, this dress from the online fashion store Cherubina is a great option. A purple midi dress with a cascading front neckline, gathered shoulder pads, a bloused bodice, cut at the waist and an opening at the center of the back to the waist. It is very flattering!

Strap-sleeve-midi-dress The best dresses for a daytime wedding and be the perfect guest

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Long sleeve midi dress

The last of the dresses that we have chosen is a dress from El Corte Inglés. A purple long-sleeved dress with an adjustable wrap-over cut with a lace at the back, a V-neckline and a slightly draped bodice. Very nice, right?

Long-sleeve-midi-dress The best dresses for a daytime wedding and be the perfect guest

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