The bestiemoon, the travel trend to adopt in 2023

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The bestie moon is the new trend that invites you to travel with your best friend to dream destinations. After all, the most beautiful places on earth are far from being reserved for couples! To take advantage of its friendly mile moon, zoom in on the best bestie-moon destinations.

The concept of the bestie moon is attracting more and more people. Many followers succumb to the temptation of this friendly honeymoon. To treat yourself to a dream vacation with your best friend, you might as well bet on exceptional destinations. We immediately think of the warmth of paradise islands, white sand beaches, and turquoise waters at the end of the world. Despite everything, other less distant and less expensive destinations are also perfect for welcoming friends in search of beautiful landscapes.

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Roundup of the best destinations for a bestie moon.

What dream destination for a bestie moon?

When we think of a honeymoon, we immediately think of a dream destination. The majority of young married couples want to fly to distant and exotic lands and most of the time bet on the Maldives, Seychelles, and Bali… but also all the islands of French Polynesia, which are among the most beautiful places on the earth. For the bestie moon, it’s the same thing. To treat yourself to a dream and stay with friends, depriving yourself is out of the question! We plan vacations to new horizons and opt for extraordinary destinations.

Just because Zanzibar and Bora Bora are usually just for couples doesn’t mean you should cross these options off the list. Even if it means paying for a dream trip, you might as well fall for the most beautiful places on the planet. And it also goes through Bali, Thailand, the Bahamas, Cuba, etc. All you have to do is choose your next trip to the end of the world.

Cheap bestie moon destinations

If these places all make you dream, they have another point in common: their budget. To enjoy a nice trip without emptying your bank account, know that there are cheap bestie moon destinations. You just have to choose from among the most beautiful cities in Europe, to avoid going too far without missing out on exceptional places. One thinks in particular of Greece and its Cyclades, and more precisely of Santorini and its immaculate villages on the side of the cliff.

In the same style, and always to stay in the Mediterranean, head for the most beautiful villages in Italy. In addition to the Cinque Terre, we also think of Positano, on the Amalfi Coast. It’s hard not to succumb to such landscapes and we obviously take the opportunity to taste all the dishes of Italian gastronomy. Finally, it is impossible to miss Venice. The city of lovers is surely the most romantic in the world and yet it is also the ideal destination for a honeymoon with friends. Ice cream tasting, gondola ride, and exploration of all the cramped streets of the city, we are sure to have a good time!

What will be your bestie moon destination?

The bestie moon would be the new concept for traveling this year. Whether you are a couple or single, this friendly honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to go on vacation in heavenly places, accompanied by your best friend. Here’s what you need to know about the bestie moon.

Venice, the Maldives, Seychelles, Tahiti, Rome, Santorini… These romantic destinations are used to being the rallying point for couples and romantic getaways. However, there is no question of waiting to get married to enjoy these landscapes.

Among the travel trends on which we will have to count in the coming years, we note the emergence of the bestie moon. Contraction of the words bestie and honeymoon, either best friend or honeymoon, we guess that this novelty promises us a great vacation with friends!

The bestie moon travel trend

Born on social networks and more precisely on TikTok, this new trend speaks to all bands of friends. This honeymoon with friends aims to take us to the most beautiful places in the world, sometimes the most romantic, accompanied by a friend.

According to the Grazia site, the hashtag #bestiemoon currently has more than 3.7 million views on the TikTok platform. We thus observe the appearance of more and more content created by duos of girlfriends or boyfriends, who have gone on vacation around the world. On the program, a luxurious suite, waking up by the water, deckchair on the sand, champagne, and cocktails… Everything to have fun, and thus celebrate the power of friendship.

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