“The Flash”: Release date and what is expected (2023)

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The wait is over, and “The Flash” comes to the big screen with Ezra Miller. This is what we know about the tape.

The Flash is one of the most anticipated movies for fans of the superhero genre. With the return of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen / Flash, fans of DC Comics are excited to see how the story of the Scarlet Speedster unfolds in this new cinematic installment.

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 ‘ The Flash ‘ will finally be released by DC Comics, it will hit theaters in Mexico on June 15, 2023. and fans are counting the days until they can enjoy the adventures of Barry Allen on the big screen. After several delays due to the pandemic and other production issues, fans will finally be able to dive into the world of speed.

image-23 "The Flash": Release date and what is expected (2023)

The official trailer for The Flash was released recently, and it has generated quite a buzz among fans. In the trailer, we get to see Barry Allen dealing with the effects of the Multiverse, allowing for different versions of the Flash to appear. Plus, we’re presented with a look at some of the iconic Flash villains, such as rival speedster Reverse-Flash. The trailer has generated a lot of expectations and has left fans wanting more.

The characters.

Although the movie has yet to be released, some initial criticism has already begun to surface. Most reactions are positive, praising Andy Muschietti ‘s direction and Ezra Miller’s performance as Barry Allen. In addition, the inclusion of iconic characters from the DC Comics Multiverse stands out, the participation, for example, of Ben Affleck as “Batman”, Sasha Calle as “Supergirl” and Michael Keaton also returns as his version of  “Batman”. which promises an exciting experience for comic book fans and the general public alike.

image-22 "The Flash": Release date and what is expected (2023)

However, it is important to note that these reviews are preliminary and the final opinion on the film may vary once it is officially released, although it already has a 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but as always, it is advisable to wait for see the movie for yourself and form a personal opinion.

The film has had previous presentations and will soon celebrate the official premiere in Los Angeles on June 12, according to Variety. All in all, The Flash promises to be an exciting experience for superhero lovers and Flash fans in particular.

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