The safest countries in Africa to travel – Top 12

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Are you planning a trip to the African continent but you have not just decided? What are the safest countries in Africa? Nothing beats the beauty of the natural world of this continent, from snow-capped peaks to savannahs , dense jungles and paradisiacal beaches . And while all travel carries some risk, many African countries are much safer than people imagine.

Being one of the most economically disadvantaged places on the planet, an adventure in Africa is always just that, an adventure. There are several factors to take into account. To begin with, hygiene and sanitary measures are usually quite deficient, especially by Western standards. As well as dangerous diseases such as malaria, dengue fever or typhoid fever.

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In addition to this, climatic features such as drought , floods , cyclones , and extreme heat affect the continent and influence the discussion of establishing which are the safest countries on the African continent.

Finally, you also have to take into account the political and social aspects when it comes to traveling to different African countries: civil unrest, political turmoil and areas of the continent affected by terrorism.

But Africa is a vast continent. Enormous. And as such, there are numerous contrasts and areas where there is no danger and are a true paradise where the traveler will feel totally safe and calm. Let’s see which are the safest African countries.

The 12 safest African countries to travel to

12. Zambia, for those who love safaris

zambia-1024x576 The safest countries in Africa to travel - Top 12
  • 16.21 million inhabitants – Capital: Lusaka

Travelers rarely experience problems in Zambia , especially since when they travel to this African country they fly directly to areas far from the cities. As with most cities, the possibility of robbery exists in Lusaka (see map ) and Livingstone districts , but the vast majority of tourists are not affected by this and Zambia is considered one of the safest countries in Africa for the tourists.

It is often said that football is a barometer of society. Well, the whole world was able to discover, on the occasion of the 2012 African Cup of Nations (CAN), that Zambia is a state that is doing quite well, in fact it won it.

Positive statistics on Zambia have been steadily increasing since 2007, and individual liberties are fairly secure. It is remarkably one of the least corrupt countries in Africa (in proportional terms). Tourism is developing and it is one of the preferred destinations for safaris enthusiasts .

11. Ghana: A Beacon of Safety in West Africa

  • 32.8 million inhabitants – Capital: Accra

When it comes to safe travel destinations in Africa, Ghana shines as a beacon of security and tranquillity. Situated on the western coast of the continent, Ghana offers visitors a warm and welcoming environment coupled with a remarkable commitment to ensuring their safety.

Ghana’s population of over 30 million comprises a diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities, creating a vibrant and harmonious society. Ghanaians are known for their friendliness and hospitality, making travellers feel immediately at ease as they embark on their journey through this remarkable country.

The Ghanaian government has implemented robust measures to maintain a safe and secure environment for both its citizens and visitors. Law enforcement agencies are vigilant in safeguarding public spaces, tourist sites, and transportation hubs. Additionally, the country’s stable political climate and strong democratic institutions contribute to the overall safety and security enjoyed by those who visit. Also discover Top 10 Must-Visit Tourist Sites In Ghana: According to ChatGPT

10. Morocco: one of the most touristic African countries

  • 35.3 million inhabitants – Capital: Rabat

Morocco receives millions of tourists every year, as it is a country with a long history , rich in heritage , and proud of its influences and diversity . Regarding the danger, Morocco is a country where you can travel with complete peace of mind, and is considered one of the safest countries in Africa. Serious crimes against tourists are not common, except for some petty theft with pickpockets in the busiest cities: Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca or Rabat.

The country has not been affected by the turmoil seen in many other North African countries and has benefited from a stable political system. 

9. Namibia: safaris and adventure sports

numibia-1024x1024 The safest countries in Africa to travel - Top 12
  • 2.1 million inhabitantsCapital: Windhoek

And in the ninth position of the safest countries in Africa is Namibia , a country of vast deserts very popular among those who like jeep tours, stargazing, wild safaris and those experiences that get you up to a thousand. the adrenaline; from skydiving to quad biking in the adventure capital of Swakopmund . The crime rate is low throughout Namibia and few tourists experience any problems, making it ideal for those looking to travel to safe countries in Africa.

With a desert climate, tropical diseases are less common than in other African regions. Furthermore, the arid landscape means that Namibia has one of the lowest population densities in the world and therefore crime is very low.

Politically speaking, the country is very stable and quite developed, which means that medical services and roads are generally quite good.

Isolated and very rural , medical services can be quite far away if you get sick far from the main cities, and support in the event of a car breakdown can also be a problem.

Dehydration and heat stroke are also major concerns in this torrid desert land, where temperatures soar and drinking water is often at a premium.

8. The Seychelles: paradisiacal beaches

  • 100,200 inhabitants – Capital: Victoria

This idyllic group of biodiverse islands located in the Indian Ocean has always been considered a very safe destination for travelers and one of the safest countries in Africa. In the Seychelles travelers experience little crime, where the greatest danger is often the voracity of the sea.

The government is stable and tourism is an established industry. Most people stay at Hotels and resorts, which greatly reduces the chance of encountering petty or serious crime.

7. Rwanda: good infrastructure and medical services (east Africa)

  • 12.7 million inhabitants – Capital: Kigali

Although sadly notorious for genocide, located in the east of the continent Rwanda, is currently considered one of the safest countries in Africa. The country has become a model of reconciliation, with civil peace maintained since the tragic events of the 1990s.

Having received a lot of foreign aid to help it recover after the genocide, the infrastructure is very good in Rwanda and it also has good medical services. The capital, Kigali (see map ), has a large embassy presence, which increases security, and was listed as the cleanest African capital.

However, being located in the tropics, malaria and dengue fever can present a problem, as in other countries in this region of the African continent.

6. Kenya: one of the most developed countries in East Africa

  • 47.5 million inhabitants – Capital: Nairobi

Kenya ranks sixth among the safest countries in Africa. This large nation on the African coast has had a not inconsiderable number of terrorism-related incidents, as well as a notorious series of disputed election results that have led the country into civil unrest, but in hindsight, these events are isolated.

Kenya is also one of the most developed countries in East Africa, with excellent infrastructure, communication networks and good medical services.

When it comes to environmental factors, you should avoid visiting Kenya during the rainy season, as flooding is the order of the day, especially along the coast. Fortunately, being so close to the equator, the cyclone threat in Kenya is extremely low.

Even in big cities like Nairobi (see map ), crime is not a problem for the vast majority of tourists, although one must always be cautious and use common sense. There are travel advisories associated with the Somali border area and the north coast, but the rest of the country is considered fairly quiet.

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5. Lesotho: a small paradise among the vastness of South Africa

  • 2.2 million inhabitants – Capital: Maseru

This small, mountainous country is landlocked, and is located within South Africa . Travellers to Lesotho tend to spend most of their time in rural areas where crime is very rare, making it a destination that appeals to those specifically looking for safe places to travel in Africa.

The relaxed pace of life in the Lesotho countryside makes it a pleasant place to visit and one of the safest countries in Africa. Although rural areas are very safe, cities are not so safe, so you have to be careful and it is advisable to travel in a group.

This small enclave in the middle of the immensity of South Africa owes its calm in large part to its age. Lesotho , since its independence, and even before, has lived under the authority of a dynasty whose founder is celebrated every year for having managed to unite and preserve the nation from external influences.

Now, although Lesotho has significant water resources, it is one of the least developed countries. Its limited resources, agriculture-based economy and near-total dependence on South Africa make it an indebted state tied hand and foot to foreign aid.

4. Senegal: one of Africa’s “model democracies”

depositphotos_363990248-stock-photo-dakar-senegal-november-2019-people The safest countries in Africa to travel - Top 12
  • 15 million inhabitants – Capital: Dakar

Senegal is undoubtedly one of the most politically stable countries on the African continent. In fact, this French-speaking coastal nation is generally seen as one of the continent’s model democracies , with a good level of press freedom and democratic elections since independence in 1960. The biggest problems we can find in this African country are the health-related: yellow fever, typhoid fever, malaria and rabies.

However, despite these diseases, which must be said to pervade most of the region, Senegal remains without a doubt one of the safest countries in Africa for travelers.

3. Ethiopia: a delight for lovers of culture, history and nature

  • 98 million inhabitants – Capital: Addis Ababa

For tourists, Ethiopia is one of the safest African countries. Serious crime is rare, and petty crime rates are low, especially outside the capital Addis Ababa (see map ). Although associated with famine for years, Ethiopia is now a stable country and has greatly improved access to food for the population (it is the third most populous country in Africa after Nigeria and Egypt).

Although the famine of the 1980s still resonates in parts of the Western world, Ethiopia is now a prosperous country, with one of the fastest growing economies in the world and a large number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A delight for lovers of culture, history and nature.

That being said, there have been several outbreaks of civil unrest in recent decades, and they persist to this day, so if you decide to travel to this African country, you should avoid certain areas when there are protests.

Sometimes, to quell civil protests and disorder, the government shuts down the telecommunications system, which definitely does not add to the sense of security, but being a country without climatic complications or the presence of dangerous animals, Ethiopia is one of the most Africa ‘s insurance and a travel option that will not disappoint you.

Due to the altitude at which much of the nation is located, the risks of tropical diseases and malaria are quite low , but do keep in mind that outside the capital, medical facilities are usually very basic.

Economic growth and safety have been strong since 2007. The tourism industry has also grown in recent years, leading the country to an easier, safer, and safer travel experience.

2. Botswana: Wild Animals and Safaris

  • 2.2 million inhabitants – Capital: Gaborone

Another of the safest African countries is Botswana , with a stable political climate and a rapidly growing economy thanks to its great wealth of natural resources.

It generally has fairly low levels of corruption, and public services, roads, and hospitals are good throughout the country.

The greatest danger in Botswana is presented by the many wild animals that inhabit this African country, particularly a massive population of elephants, which can be especially dangerous when driving or camping.

Botswana is considered one of the safest countries in Africa, among other things because it enjoys a low prison rate, a low presence of weapons, transparent electoral processes and relative social peace.

Botswana’s 1.8 million people owe their peace of mind to breakneck economic growth, which lifted them out of the grim category of  the most underdeveloped countries  in 1994, based in particular on their highly influential neighbour South Africa.

A sign of the interdependence between the two countries is the fact that the capital, Gaborone , (see map ) is located on the border with South Africa. In fact, the country’s economy is based on the relocation of services.

Botswana also has a subsoil rich in minerals , diamonds , and fossil fuels .

But not everything is rosy, of course, since, as in the entire region, health problems are far from resolved, AIDS continues to wreak havoc and life expectancy remains very low. But infant mortality is progressing to a fairly low level and education is increasingly within the reach of the population.

The country began to be well known in Spain with the much-noted and criticized visit of the emeritus king, when he went hunting elephants with his lover.

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1. Egypt – A Jewel of Safety Amidst the Vibrant African Continent

egypt-1024x657 The safest countries in Africa to travel - Top 12
  • 109.3 million inhabitants – Capital: Cairo 

. The bustling cities, such as Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor, are home to millions of residents who coexist harmoniously, creating a vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures and traditions. The warmth and hospitality of the Egyptian people are renowned worldwide, ensuring that visitors feel at ease from the moment they step foot in this ancient land.

Despite being a populous nation, Egypt has made significant strides in ensuring the safety of its citizens and visitors. The government has implemented various measures to maintain a secure environment, particularly in popular tourist destinations. Robust security forces, both visible and discreet, are deployed to safeguard public spaces, historical sites, and transportation hubs. Tourist police units have also been established to provide assistance and guidance to visitors, enhancing their sense of security while exploring the country.

Furthermore, Egypt has placed great emphasis on the protection of its historical treasures, which form the backbone of its tourism industry. World-famous sites like the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, and the temples of Luxor and Karnak are meticulously guarded to prevent any potential threats. These efforts demonstrate the country’s commitment to ensuring that travelers can immerse themselves in the wonders of ancient Egypt without any concerns for their safety.

In summary, the safest countries in Africa are:

  • 12. Zambia: south-central part of the African continent
  • 11.Ghana: A Beacon of Safety in West Africa
  • 10. Morocco: one of the most touristic African countries
  • 9. Namibia: safaris and adventure sports
  • 8. The Seychelles: paradisiacal beaches
  • 7. Rwanda: good infrastructure and medical services
  • 6. Kenya: one of the most developed countries in East Africa
  • 5. Lesotho: a small paradise among the immensity of South Africa
  • 4. Senegal: one of Africa’s “model democracies”
  • 3. Ethiopia: a delight for lovers of nature and history
  • 2. Botswana: Wild Animals and Safaris
  • 1. Egypt: A Jewel of Safety Amidst the Vibrant African Continent

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