These are 6 Best Makeup Trends in 2023

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Would you like to follow the latest trends in makeup and are you passionate about the world of makeup? Stay with us because we have the 6 biggest makeup trends for 2023!

From face decorations to washed faces, to neon eyelids. Some of the most varied trends that we are sure you will love!

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Makeup is a complement that, in addition to serving as a tool to highlight those features of our face that we want to take advantage of, helps us improve our mood. As with other practices and methods in the beauty world, it evolves, changes, and adapts as the seasons change.

It is, precisely, new fashions that we are going to talk about. Because, as with fashion, for example, makeup also has its stages.

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Below, we look at the 6 biggest trends in the world of makeup for 2023. Some fashions that, most likely, you are already seeing experts from the beauty world and influencers show off. A little clue, 2023 is the year of face decorations, neon eyelids, and washed faces. Do you want to know more? Stay with us!

The 6 biggest makeup trends for 2023

Face decorations

Add elements in three dimensions to give a unique look to your face. Dots and pearls around the eyes, in the corners of the face, will make you shine uniquely. And it is that they are, as the specialists point out, an ideal makeup complement to give a special touch to our faces.Face-decorations These are 6 Best Makeup Trends in 2023

washed face

The most desired form of beauty is the one that is born from within, with an eternal and endless shine. A hydrated face and well-defined eyebrows – a clean and washed face will highlight your natural beauty. Do you know the no makeup-makeup? It is a technique that consists of making the skin look luminous, hydrated and beautiful, but with a 100% natural appearance.washed-face These are 6 Best Makeup Trends in 2023

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Intense colours

Near the temples, on the cheeks, or along the cheekbones or eyebrows… Apply blush where the body asks for it. The key is to start with a liquid or cream blush, and then outline it with another powder. Intense colors took center stage during those months in which the mask covered part of our face and we were looking for a way to highlight our eyes.Intense-colours These are 6 Best Makeup Trends in 2023

neon eyelids

In line with the previous trend, we find the trend for neon eyelids. Take advantage of the full range of colors in your favorite eyeshadow palette. The year 2023 is not the time to put aside pastel, coral, green, or sky blue tones. A daring and showy trend that, without a doubt, leaves no one indifferent.neon-eyelids These are 6 Best Makeup Trends in 2023

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affirmation of the lips

Bold lips are sexy, on-trend, and the perfect alternative to smoky eyes. Take a risk and use a fuchsia, burgundy, or even a red berry shade. The Viva Magenta tones (the color of 2023 according to Pantone), black, nude, burgundy, or classic red are, in turn, a guaranteed success.affirmation-of-the-lips These are 6 Best Makeup Trends in 2023

graphic eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner is a type of eyeliner that, unlike eyeliner that is applied straight and smooth, is used to draw irregular or curved shapes on the eyelid and other parts of the eye. Draw attention with your look using perfectly geometric shapes that will highlight the color.

graphic-liner These are 6 Best Makeup Trends in 2023

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It goes without saying, but as we are seeing, in 2023 the trends point to the bold, courageous and daring. And you, which of the trends do you prefer? Try them all!


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