Top 3 communion hairstyles for girls

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Events and communions start to take place as spring has already arrived. a situation in which both boys and girls play major roles. As a result, enough time is spent selecting the styling, including, of course, the hairstyle.

Three hairstyles for girls for communion are what we’re discussing. They will be beloved by both you and your daughter and, more importantly, they will motivate you!

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Events take center stage in May and June. Numerous people’s calendars are packed with occasions for weddings, baptisms, and of course communions. As a result, parents plan for this occasion well in advance. Months are spent planning the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the scheduled date.

Selecting a style for the kids is one of the issues that get the most attention. As we’ve already mentioned, they are the real protagonists, and today is their day. The hairstyle, of course, as well as the outfit—dress or suit—accessories, shoes, and so forth. Hair from the floor, braids, and accessories were collected… There are many uncertainties and questions surrounding this choice.

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Next, we discuss three girls’ communion hairstyles. They will enchant you and your daughter, and best of all, they will motivate you!

3 communion hairstyles for girls

Headband and loose hair

The headband is a safe bet for those who like to wear their hair down. Although, yes, for the colors! The first of the ideas of communion hairstyles for girls that we are going to talk about has the headband as the protagonist. The favorites, as could be expected, are the flower and crown-style headbands. An accessory that, with the extra of flowers, for example, gives a special touch of joy to a style that is generally characterized by being serious.

Headband-and-loose-hair Top 3 communion hairstyles for girls

As we can see in the image, wearing loose hair accompanied by a flower headband illuminates the face of the protagonist of the day. A more than successful option!


Another option that always works is the braid. You just have to look and see that it is one of the favorite options of the girls who make communion. Wearing your hair up is, without a doubt, a sure hit. Best of all, if you choose to wear a braid, there are numerous varieties to wear it. There is the option of wearing a herringbone braid with all the hair collected, wearing a braid in the shape of a crown and the rest of the hair loose, braids on one side, in the center…

Braid Top 3 communion hairstyles for girls

A perfect alternative to the idea of ​​wearing your hair loose which, for those who are in favor of wearing it removed from the face, offers numerous possibilities.

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Free hair

The third and last of the options that we are going to talk about is, what we could call an intermediate point between the first and the second type of hairstyle. Or what is the same, a combination of loose and collected hair that results in a hairstyle that is simply beautiful! We have the option of combining the hair with a braid in the shape of a crown, with a small ponytail accompanied by some waves… As we can see in the image, the idea of ​​having the part of the face clear and the hair loose cannot be left!Free-hair Top 3 communion hairstyles for girls

There are three options, all of them with a special charm, that inspire us and help us, at the same time, to get ideas and create that hairstyle model that best fits what we are looking for. Of course, let’s not forget that it is the girl who is going to wear it and who is going to be the protagonist of the day, so it is key that she is comfortable with both the dress and the hairstyle.


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