Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023

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When taking your first steps in development and looking to learn programming, it is quite difficult to know where to start, especially as a beginner!

We are going to try to make it easier for you by listing the 8 most popular languages ​​these days and which it is good to master if you plan to work in the field of development.

1. Java

java-logo-vert-blk Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023Since its inception in the mid-1990s, Java language has always been among the most popular programming languages. Thirty years later, it is still a leading programming language: Java is indeed the native language of Android, the most widely used mobile platform in the world.

With 2.3 billion mobile devices running the Android operating system, Java is therefore very popular and many large companies use Java to create their applications .
Java has reasons to be popular: it offers great portability (thanks to the Java virtual machine), independent of the platform. This means that Java can run on almost any system.

It is also very scalable, which makes it popular with both large companies and up-and-coming start-ups. Remember in particular that Java is a statically typed language: it is therefore fast and easy to maintain, with fewer bugs.

It is also backwards compatible, which means older versions of the language still work flawlessly, even when newer versions are released. This helps keep an organisation’s costs down, since there’s no need to constantly rewrite code every time a new version is released.

Java is a popular language of yesterday and today, and it’s very large community guarantees its popularity in the future.

2. Python

python-logo-1-274x300 Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023Python was originally released in 1991 and took a while to gain a following. The past few years have seen a boom in Python’s rankings, however, largely thanks to its capabilities in machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.

A high-level general-purpose language, Python finds uses in building web applications, data analysis, and algorithm development. It has an easy-to-use syntax and a focus on code readability and simplicity: this makes it an ideal candidate for entry-level developers, especially those looking to pursue a career in artificial intelligence.

Python has a reputation for being very reliable and efficient, which makes it popular with large corporations and start-ups alike. Several Python libraries are available to developers: these libraries help speed up various tasks in the area of ​​building AI algorithms and binding to APIs. Moreover, it can be used to automate certain activities, including some time-consuming daily tasks.

Finally, Python can also be used for web development. Indeed, it is often used for web scraping : something that could take hours to code in PHP will only take minutes with Python. The Reddit website, for example, is built using Python.

The very active Python community is primarily responsible for the growth of this language. It offers best practice tips and troubleshooting solutions for beginners and experts alike.

For this reason, Python is known as the “fastest growing major programming language”. With applications in some of the fastest growing and most exciting technologies, developers familiar with Python will quickly find opportunities in big data, AI, robotics or cybersecurity. With these technologies becoming ubiquitous, it may be worth learning some Python skills now!

3. C/C++

c-c Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023

Although it is not the easiest programming language for a beginner to learn, C++ is indispensable in many fields. Several operating systems are created in this programming language. You can find it in a wide variety of software, like web browsers, distribution systems, database software, video games, and more.

C is a general purpose procedural programming language. Closely related to the hardware, it allows the management of the data and the programming of the system at a low level. You can use it not only to create “ordinary” software, but also to develop programs at the driver or kernel level.

4. C#

csharp Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023

It is one of the oldest and most popular programming languages ​​thanks to its portability and early adoption by tech giants like Apple and Microsoft. Known as “C-sharp”, it is actually a derivative of the original language, developed in 2000 by Microsoft.

It is an object-oriented language: it is organized around objects rather than actions, and data rather than logic. Its characteristics are similar to those of Java. C# is particularly effective for creating desktop applications and Windows games. It can be used very well to develop web and mobile applications. It is often used for large enterprise applications, such as in the banking transaction processing industry.

If your business is in the gaming industry (or planning to), C# is a worthwhile investment, as 34% of mobile games are made using C#, along with virtual reality applications. It is notably present in games using Unity, such as “Temple Run Trilogy” or “Assassin’s Creed: Identity”.

That’s not all ! Even as a high-level programming language, C# is relatively easy to learn and more independent of a computer’s hardware architecture. Developers can also spot errors more easily in C# because code is checked by the framework before it becomes an application.

It also makes it possible to acquire basic knowledge in other “C” languages, such as C++, which then facilitates their eventual learning. While it provides an obvious path to learning and developing, mastering C# still takes more time and effort than it does for Python.

5. Kotlin

kotlin Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023

Kotlin is number one for anyone who wants to take on the Google Play Store. It has been designated by Google as a primary technology for Android development . Note that it is executed on the Java virtual machine (see above) and that this language is not very obvious for someone who wants to take their first steps in programming. It is therefore recommended to start by learning the Java language, before embarking on learning Kotlin.

6. Swift

swift Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023

Unlike the previous one, this language allows you to publish your applications in the AppStore  : if you want to conquer this market, then you must start by learning the Swift language. It is the programming language for iOS, and was created by Apple itself!

It is the successor of Objective-C and it is a very good choice for the neophyte. The future of the AppStore is written in Swift, and if you want to compete, then you need to learn this language .

7. PHP

php Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023

It is another popular programming language for back-end web development.

Huge companies like Facebook or Wikipedia use it. And if you turn to WordPress, knowing that it is in high demand in the job market. You can also find PHP there . This language is one of the easiest to learn!

8. JavaScript

javascript Top 8 Most Used Programming Languages ​​in 2023

It is a bit of a provocation that JavaScript ends this article: by far the most popular programming language on this list, it is ubiquitous on the web, and in our lives.

JavaScript is notably used in web development to add interactivity to a site, whether in the form of games, buttons, dynamic styles, animations and forms. It was invented by Brendan Eich, co-founder of the Mozilla Project, the Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla Corporation. Since then, there are more than 1.7 billion websites in the world and 95% of them use it. This makes the scope of JavaScript extremely important.

Add to that the fact that JavaScript is very versatile and easy to learn, and you’ll see why it’s such a popular programming language. JavaScript is a core language, with added flexibility through additional developer tools that unlock functionality with minimal effort. For example, you can easily integrate third-party content providers like Twitter and Facebook through an API.

Also, JavaScript is a cross-platform programming language that helps deploy applications on desktop and mobile platforms. It has become an essential element in today’s mobile-first society.

JavaScript developers have access to a huge community of JavaScript enthusiasts who champion best practices for using the language, and who regularly come up with new ideas for its use. This community strives to ensure that the JavaScript language remains essential to the proper functioning of the internet for decades to come.


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