Unusual Restaurants in Paris

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What are the most original Parisian restaurants? Offbeat concepts or amazing menus, some establishments compete in eccentricity and uniqueness.

Here is a list of all the most unusual restaurants to try in Paris.

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Among all the good addresses in the capital, Paris still hides a few unsuspected little nuggets. We think of exceptional places, perfect for spending an original and offbeat evening. To be surprised, head to the most unusual Parisian restaurants. Gastronomic tables plunged in the dark, surprising decor, or trompe l’oeil on the plate, these establishments have plenty to amaze you.

The restaurants with the most original decorations in Paris
If we love going back to our favorite restaurants, we just as much love discovering new things to try. And to get away from the classic scheme of Mediterranean restaurants, dining cellars, or tapas tables, we are looking for our next taste destination in the list of the most original restaurants in the capital. Among them, several are institutions such as the Wagon Bleu, an atypical restaurant in the 17th arrondissement, made like an Orient Express wagon. Perfect to give you travel desires!

In the same spirit, the establishments Isshin, a Japanese restaurant, and Dragons Élysées invite us to choose between a giant aquarium or the heart of an immersive market in the streets of Tokyo. And speaking of immersion, the restaurant Under the Sea, from the Ephemera group, literally plunges us twenty thousand leagues under the sea. During this experience, we sit at a table surrounded by giant screens offering an incredible sound and light show. On the menu, we find a simple but gourmet cuisine, obviously inspired by the oceans.

In the same way, the restaurant Sur un arbre perché offers the possibility of eating on a swing, in a decor designed to reproduce the great outdoors. To push the relaxation to the end, massages can even be offered to customers, depending on the time of your meal. At Derrière, in the 3rd arrondissement, we discover an offbeat restaurant, located in an apartment. Thus, we find ourselves eating on the bed or in the dining room, in an atmosphere that is both family and crazy.

The unusual concepts of Parisian restaurants

Among the most unusual concepts, we succumb to the magic of black. The restaurant Dans le Noir offers a real experience around a dinner where you can not see anything. Whether it is to test your senses or try a new approach to gastronomy, the restaurant is ideal for romantic meals or evenings with friends.

Finally, if the decoration of the Privé de Dessert restaurants can seduce you, it is above all the menu that will surprise you. Here, there is the surprise of trompe l’oeil, since all the recipes for savory dishes take the form of desserts and vice versa. You can enjoy a truffle risotto like a cup of ice cream or a gourmet coffee made with charcuterie.

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