Why is the price of the Apple Vision Pro so high?

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$3,499. This is the price asked by Apple to afford the Vision Pro, its first mixed reality headset. Why such a high price?

image-26-1024x682 Why is the price of the Apple Vision Pro so high?

Yes, the Vision Pro costs a small fortune. Apple offers a much more expensive mixed reality headset than its competitors. $3,499 is more than three times the price of the latest models in this niche market.

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And yet, many elements partly justify (and we insist on this point) this price.

For its premium design

image-28-1024x571 Why is the price of the Apple Vision Pro so high?

True to its reputation, Apple has carefully designed its first mixed reality headset. The choice of materials, the assembly, the fastening system, the cushions etc. promise a certain comfort in use. The front face, for example, is made of transparent polished glass when the competition opts for less noble materials.

The first testers are unanimous: the Vision Pro is an ultra-premium helmet, with remarkable finishes. There is no doubt that mass production of such a product presents challenges in the industry. Especially since Apple incorporates a multitude of state-of-the-art components.

For embedded technologies

image-27-1024x579 Why is the price of the Apple Vision Pro so high?

12 cameras, 5 sensors (including a LiDAR) and 6 microphones. The Vision Pro embeds this multitude of components in addition to the two M2 chips (for the interface) and R1 (for sensor management).

Also on the program are two microLED screens, spatialized sound and iris recognition (OpticID) never before seen in the industry. The ultimate has a price.

For advanced interface

image-30-1024x554 Why is the price of the Apple Vision Pro so high?

Expected for several years, the Vision Pro took a long time to show the tip of its nose. Probably because Apple considered that the technologies available were insufficient at the time to offer an interface worthy of the name.

Thanks to the M2 and R1 chips, the Vision Pro makes the mixed reality experience more impressive than ever. In any case, this is what emerges from the demonstrations and first feedback from the testers who had the chance to put on the helmet for a few minutes.

Apple has developed an interface that the user can control with the eyes, the voice and the fingers with, always according to the first returns, a disconcerting fluidity. The company has also imagined concrete use cases such as watching movies or productivity.

If one can be perplexed as to the future prospects of such technology, one can only salute the technical prowess. A feat that explains the price of this futuristic machine.

For innovation

image-29-1024x579 Why is the price of the Apple Vision Pro so high?

The design of the Vision Pro took 10 years of research and development at Apple. From hardware to interface, the company has filed no less than 5,000 patents.

Like any new technology that has required years of research, the Vision Pro therefore costs a small fortune. The price of rarity, industrial challenges, innovation.

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